On the Joy of a Goldfish life + Inner Monsters PEEK

peek Oct 16, 2018

Do you have someone in your life who really GETS your humor? Someone who knows just what's going to tickle your funny bone?  I have a confession to make - "historic me" makes me laugh.

When I gave birth to Hazel in 2015 I crossed over some sort of weird memory bridge. Maybe it was the hormones or sleep deprivation or simply that whole "erase previous files" initiation of having a baby but honestly I don't really remember what happened before her.  Serious bonus - that means I can go back and read all my favorite books "for the first time" and it also means that I can watch the prompts from my older classes and enjoy them as if someone else made them. 

I've just made my Inner Monsters class available to add to your library this month. It's half off (or free for 30 days if you're low on funds). There's a lot that feels antiquated from 2014. iMovie graphics, the size of the frame, my editing. But the prompt that I added above might be one of my favorite parts of a course that I ever did.  There's lots of build up to this moment, which I won't blow for you, but decorating a bunch of monsters, feeding them to a monster eater and then using them for divination? That's my kind of (admittedly weird) happy place.

This course is only available until Halloween so if you are in need of some dorkiness, add it to your permanent library now.

($28/Free for 30) by 10/31


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