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art along Aug 14, 2019

What happens when you connect the dark tip of your pen/cil to your inner truths?

Part one is a 5 minute audio leading you through a self reflective doodling exercise.  Part Two we do the decoding! You'll need a journal or piece of paper and any pen or pencil.

Note that in the second half of the audio - if you receive words you'll want to translate them into an image so that you end up with three images.

Let's see what happens when you "assign roles"

If the container is the topic - ie the context, and the body part and message object are perspectives, what conversation is available? Make three associations with each part to "wake them up". Take dictation from each and then pull out a main message!


These two prompts are part of a short series created for Intuition.  The whole series, along with myriad other games are included with an Inspired Inquiries Subscription.


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