Art Along Experience: The Tower from the Mystic Tune Up

audio Oct 09, 2018

There is nothing better than the freedom of being flung from the rigid stand you were taking. It's a bit bumpy...but better!

Even if you aren't up for arting along right now, I would highly recommend listening to the Miracle Road talk that's included.

Mystic Tune Up is one of my most favorite extended journal courses. (Turns out I was a smarty pants while pregnant with Hazel!) In this class we take a creative pass through the Tarot and the evolutionary sequence of the Major Arcana. Each "week" has a delicious diverse selection of prompts based on the themes, inherent inquiries and the gestalt of the card at hand. Videos, audio recordings, and simple written instructions alternate through the 160 prompts in this 22 card series.  This course is available in DIVE: Inspired Inquiry Immersion

There's no way to find out what messages you'll receive without flinging yourself into the experience! Let's jump.

Which Tower is the right tower from which to be flung? We’re faced with a bold opportunity for sudden cataclysmic freedom - the question is in which arena are you willing to wake up?

Your instructions are to create three tower possibilities - a random magazine column for each. Gently cut out the top of the tower and then turn your attention to finding a conversation that is contained in the words. The Tower was often cross referenced with the story of the Tower of Babel - so don’t be surprised if each tower requires you to stretch your translation muscles! It may be poetic or fractured. But don’t be surprised if all three options are different and deep. (Mine talk of art, money and alcoholism…)

Yesterday you interviewed three potential stories. Today I’d like you to choose one of them - the one where you’re ready for a breakthrough. Glue that tower onto the page and add darkness all around - in pencil, in collage or in paint. And then collage or create two characters to cast down. Notice what you know already about what needs to be released or knocked from it’s pedestal in this story.

Psychologically speaking, many of us live “up in the air,” imprisoned in ideological towers of our own making; for the tower can symbolize any mental construct be it political, philosophical, theological, or psychological, which we human beings build, brick by brick, out of words and ideas. Like their physical counterparts, such towers are useful for protection against chaos, for occasional retreat, and as a vantage point for taking our bearings in relation to the wider view. They are useful as long as we allow room for a little remodeling from time to time and keep the doors open so that we can come and go at will… - Jung and Tarot

How do we “remodel” the tower of our ideas? Not an easy prospect when we have built them brick by brick but one which I am challenging you towards. What is the construction of the story that makes up your tower? What is the “same way” that you always approach it? What might be a new way?


Perhaps you have already and with great synchronicity encountered information that has tossed you from your tower. If so - huzzah! If not, I have a wonderful talk given by my dear friend Laura Tabet who co-taught the trickster course “Catching Lightning” with me. It’s 50 minutes. Starts with juicy talk on imagination and the brain and then takes you down the miracle road in a long delicious meditation. Use your topic from the tower and prepare for new information! My recommendation is to spend your time doodling on your tower page while you listen. Marking down important ideas and what you bring back.

Find the audio from Catching Lighting here:

“Lightning strikes…A creative life force, the Yods, rains down in symbolic patterns, bringing new life energy and washing away old forms” - Marcia Masino

When you have done your wrestling and reckoning with the patterns of your delusions, I invite you to celebrate by adding your own lightning bolt to the spread. What shape will it take? What words will it cut across on the page? If you choose to create it in collage, what image might be a part of the bolt?

“If the Devil represents the imprisonment of light, the Tower shows us its release. If the Devils’ “materialism” indicates our limited perceptions, the Tower shows us the moment when we (re) discover the great truths of own spiritual nature. Even more radically that the Hanged Man, what we believed was reality gets turned upside down - which is why in many versions the people fly out headfirst. In its most extreme and most joyous form, the Tower symbolizes the great breakthrough known as enlightenment, when the soul opens up and all existence fills with light ” - Tarot Wisdom

For your going deeper I invite you to make sure that you have recorded your “turned upside down” epiphany. And then to go ahead an fill your page with more light. Accent your lightning bolt. Add bright yellows and whites. If you’re feeling adventurous put some bright paint at the end of a brush and then flick it over the page to create bright sparking splatters on the page! Play and let light fill you.


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