The Rule Maker

art along experience Sep 06, 2019

I wanted to share the opening prompt for Rebel Rules because it is deliciously informative, surprising and fun to do. I hope when you give it a go, you'll email me with what you learned!

Day One. Let's get this party started! So! During our three week cycle together we will be defining and refining our own set of rules for wellness. Previously I invited you to start to notice which habits are calling: those you are ready to start and those you are ready to stop. And now I want to you shake all that off and just LISTEN. We're going to invite a character onto the page who is a facet of our internal genius. We're calling this aspect the "Rule Maker" and I'd love you to get ready to be surprised by what they have to tell you. For today's start you'll need your journal, collage supplies and a sense of curiosity!

Summary: Intentionally call upon the "Rule Maker" to reveal themselves as you flip through a magazine and let images pull you. Choose five images that grab you and one figure.  Assemble an odd character using bits and bobs from the pages.  Trust how it comes together.  Document 3 hints that you can see in the images and then as you're gluing the Rule Maker down, notice one more hint (on the back or something you missed). Based on those hints write down your FIRST RULE!

If you do this prompt, we'd love to see! There's an "upload photo" option in the comments section below. Or tag @inspiredinquiries on Facebook/Instagram <3


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