Let it OUT. Let it IN

art along experience Feb 20, 2019
I've been getting my ass kicked recently.
No need to send condolences, I asked for it. 

I'm deep in my favorite annual big mama painting course for Cosmic Cowgirls - Legend.
And the themes that are coming up for review are...well...ass kickers.
This is my painting. (Doesn't she look like she could take me in a fight?)
Excavating themes of empathy, emotional caretaking, identity, beliefs.
Makes me want to crawl under the covers
Whether you ask for it or life just hits you with a one two three punch, what I've noticed is that checking out isn't actually the answer during the overwhelm times. Checking in is the magical answer. Duh, right?  And I know we all do the best we can and sometimes we just can't. So I was super thankful to develop the following intentional creativity game as a way to reclaim the skipped moments for myself.

I loved it as a gift to my sweet introvert spirit. Whether it was a difficult moment of listening to hubby vent or a playful moment of running down the sidewalk with my daughter, letting myself be connected to the true experience isn't always possible as it's happening.  Having the opportunity to go back to the moments when you simply couldn't be present is a real gift.

The idea is to use writing to reconnect with the moment, paint to access more and etching to either release the hard moments or to expand on the yummy ones. I used watercolor pencil and Golden brand but any writing utensil and any acrylic paint would be great.


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