Art Prompt: For your Business

art along experience Apr 29, 2020

Ironically, once an entrepreneurial business is in motion it's almost impossible to carve out big retreats of time to vision and plan! Luckily, for those of us following a feminine (muse-led) model, what we usually actually need is a simple nudge - a subtle readjustment to roll us in the right direction and then the momentum will carry us forward. 

This last week, for my Giddy Up crew I revisited a favorite collage divination prompt of mine. For this simple session you use collage as an oracle to help you see what you haven't been seeing about your business.  I don't want to ruin the game by sharing the key before you collage but I will say that the poetic information I found in my towers completely opened up the floodgates with clear actions for what's next.  I hope you have the same experience! 

I've got the PDF up where you can grab it. No sign in required but I do hope you'll share what you discover:


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