Do Not Scare the Future

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

Have you had that experience, where you go flipping back through writing or doodles or paintings years later and end up teary eyed with goosebumps on your goosebumps?  ALL THE INFORMATION IS RIGHT THERE! And exactly like any oracle message, it's mostly clear in hindsight.

I'm all watery faced right now because I was reading through poems that I wrote in 2009. That was the year I did one of the most fulfilling experiments of my life: I started a blog called 108 Nights. On the sidebar it said:

"Every night we dream.
Rich fragrant dreams,
weird upsetting dreams,
silly reenactment dreams,
enlivening hope feeding dreams.

I love dream time
and I find that when I pay more attention to it,
it pays more attention to me.
This is an experiment.
108 Nights of Dreams
posted as poems,
an homage.
Will you join me?"

I invited all my friends to post along with me and began to write a poem every single morning based on my dreams. Yes, for 108 nights. And it was such a good practice I promptly did it again!

I've always been a dreamer but what happened when I started really REALLY listening to my dreams was ridiculously powerful. It's as if my dreams woke up and started telling me more truths, started talking to me, loudly.  They started pointed the way, emphatically and unequivocally. Over a hundred dreams pointing me out of where I was stuck and into my future. 

I learned that poetry - quick short poems - were absolutely ideal for pulling the oracle threads out of dreams. I learned that my body would literally break out in goosebumps when I found the right line that told truth.  I felt more alive and more in touch with myself than ever.  The experiment was a precursor to my most daring leap - the one that landed me square in my new life with my current family.

I don't know whether I wouldn't have made the same large leap without those poems, but I do know that following the guidance from my dreams made me one hundred percent sure that my daring path was the only true choice.

This course DREAMY: EIGHT NIGHTS, ONE ANSWER is an evolution of what I discovered during that 108 night experiment.  There's a playful little pdf for you to print out.  I'll give you tips and shares each day (and prompts for if you didn't dream). You'll begin by getting really clear on your question and, by the end, the dream oracle will deliver your answer. 

Add this course to your permanent library for only $8.  I'm guessing you'll want to do it over and over and over! But if you want we'll start out together on Friday November 9th. I can't WAIT to hear the answer to your question!


The dense fog stops us
and tries to teach,
to show us what is real:

How long is the bed?
Who else is present?

Only the children have the sense
to drop to their knees
crawling about with glee

witness to adults fumbling blind
in the house full of fog
Crumpled sheets in the flickering light
You whisper temporary truths
how it’s never been like this

how it is with you and me tonight
honeymoon whispers
that only live in candlelight

I trace the tattoo on your back
The gothic letters read “In Vino”
But I do not find “Veritas”
I find a live scorpion
in a drawer
and a crab drawn
on the height of my left foot

I wake up to the voice saying
“you are guarding nothing”

I’m not sure what it means
but it is true
I'm desperately trying
to read and retain
the message
but the words
are nonsense
all filler
and the images
are garden gnomes
or flying
with only geese
as companions

this was supposed
to be serious
on imbolc eve
in the co-op past midnight
I say goodbye to you
at the soap
in front of the sweet potatoes
and outside in the pouring rains
Then I surf
the slippery streets
at breakneck speed
laughing past cherry blossoms in
the moonlight
and headlights
at the stop sign
I surf slippery streets
past midnight at
breakneck speeds
in the pouring rain
laughing my way home.

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