PEEK A painting process for communing

peek Oct 11, 2018

Even without consciously telling myself "Hey! Day of the Dead and all that!" I notice that as this season turns, and I step two feet into October, my thoughts organically turn towards those who have come before and those who have walked on. I find it so striking that the veils actually are thin in this season. That poetic seasonal themes wrap around a natural intuitive inclination.  

In honor of this urge to honor, I created this short process for communing with Kindred Spirits - both kin and kin by claim. I wanted a process that was basic - for beginners and advanced painters - so that the focus could  be on listening instead of any technical aspect.

What I didn't expect is that the process would be so powerful personally.  That my own ancestors would be right there and accessible- with such distinct personalities and with messages that that make me cry (and cry again every time I edit the video!) 

I can't wait for you to try it.  Here's a speed through preview:


Call Honor Ask
is available now.

For those who are low on funds but needing this support,
please accept it as my gift.

May you hear the message just for you.



Did you do the process yourself? Share your images below. If you click on comments there's an option to upload a photo. See also @inspiredinquiries on Facebook & Instagram


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