AUDIO Introduction to Pluto

audio Oct 25, 2018

An hour long call excerpted from SkyMagic: The Art & Magic of Astrology Enjoy this Pluto Talk & Meditation with Mary Swanson

In astrology, each planet is alive and active in your psyche, enacting patterns in your day to day life. And each one has a particular way they wants to teach you magic! When we choose to consciously create and collaborate with these astrological myths and honor the active stories of the soul, our inner and outer life irrefutably change.

When you register for SkyMagic, each week you'll find a new lesson including Introductions to the Archetype with Mary Swanson, Art Journaling on the themes with Jenafer Joy, and Going Deeper Exploration and Meditation with Laura Tabet. Work through each archetype in step with the astrological year or engage in the lessons in your own timing. All audios, video, and handouts are available indefinitely.


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