What happens if you commit to your art every day for just 8 minutes?

The Time Bender

A 28 Day Outrageous Experiment with Jenafer Joy

Join Us!

I'm inviting you to step into an outrageous experiment.

Here's the plan: each day we'll set a timer and paint/doodle on a canvas for exactly 8 minutes.
Simple, right?

Not so fast...while you move paint and follow the lines and dot dot dot, you'll also be exploring the juicy wilderness of your life. Using the magic of creativity to take you under the surface.

We'll be taking sideways looks at powerful questions like...

Is your relationship to time the one you want to have?

How have you been using time as an excuse not to do that thing your soul is asking for?

What secrets have you stored in pockets outside linear ordinary reality?

See what I mean? An outrageous experiment.

"I'm loving it. I really enjoy this way of creating and how stopping for a day between steps gives me time to brew ideas. Even though I'm at the canvas for 8 minutes, my choices are far more deliberate, while very free - all at the same time." - LW

In order for this class to really rock your socks, you're going to need to step both feet into the slip stream.

Which means answering yes to the following three questions:

  1. Can you get your hands on a canvas that's approximately 11 x 14? (No smaller than 9 x 12 and no larger than 16 x 20). And can you pull together a nice permanent marker, a limited rainbow of acrylic paints and few paint brushes?
  2. Can you commit (totally outrageously) to showing up for 10 minutes for 28 days? Each day that's 2 minutes of video watching, 8 minutes of painting. 
  3. Are you willing to listen - and I mean really listen to the changes that YOUR time bender is going to ask from you.

Yes, Yes & Yes? Yahoo! Jump in.

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I was inspired to create this class because I kept hearing a broken record refrain:
"As much as I adore your classes, I just don't have the time."
(And yes, it was coming out of my mouth too!)

Here's the thing. When I am actively engaged in a creative project, especially one where I've coaxed the muse into conversation, time stretches out. I find epiphanies with a swoop of a line. And here's the other thing, when I am actively engaged in a project ALL of my time seems to stretch out. Instead of bustling from one thing to the next and reaching the end of the day exhausted, I find myself thinking new interesting thoughts throughout the day. Life feels like it has JUICE.

So what would it look like to spend a month with a project alive and kicking in your life?  A project that not only doesn't take a bunch of time but actually gives you the experience that it makes time?

I'd love to have you join me for this experiment. We'll be face to face with the time maker. Setting our timers for 8 minutes each day with a new itty bitty step that's so simple you'll lose (and find) yourself. Painting out of the lids of our paint bottles, leaving her in view and inviting her to show us how to make time for the most important things.

"A great grace of the 8 minute time limit is that I am not overworking my piece. I devote the prescribed time and let it be no matter the temptation to "just fix this part over here..." - PJ

What To Expect

In your library you'll find 28 simple video prompts to take you through your Time Bender painting, and daily questions to get you musing and wondering. I recommend committing to 28 straight days so that she can really work her magic on you!

Supplies are simple. And pack well into a bag if you need to travel somewhere during your four week experiment. 11 x 14 canvas, short rainbow of acrylic paint (preferably golden fluids - 1 oz size is fine), a few small brushes, (I use the Da Vinci Junior Series 303 and 304 – sizes 1, 4 & 6), and a permanent marker (I love Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Brush Nib in Black).

You'll also need a journal for doodles and notes, a timer and some water and paper towel.

If I can rock it with a toddler you can totally jump in with your best "excuse".

I can't WAIT to witness your time bender journey! ❤ Jena

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I'm just loving the strictness of the 8 minutes to get it done and I am so surprised at how incredibly interesting the painting turns out. When I usually paint I allow much more time to feel into things, but TB keeps my nose to the ground and I am so pleased with the process. I think it's cultivating even more flow and freeness in expression. It's cultivating more of a 'release', just letting it go and flow - regardless. -ES

Hi Jena! I love your painting style, your teaching and writing style so I wanted more from you!  I remember wanting to take it when it first came but didn't sign up at the time. It was perfect! I've had a tricky relationship with time and this made me realized that in 8 minutes I can do a lot and advance a project quite a bit. I was also very present to my capacity to travel through time with my intention and especially the future. I get to choose which future is creating my present. -EV


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