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❤ Jena

A Invitation from Jenafer Joy

We just passed the Fall Equinox and it's time to come inside. Inside the house, inside ourselves.

And my questions for you as we head into the season are these:

  • Will you make space for intimate and reflective conversation with yourself? 
  • Will you offer up the blank canvas or journal page to messy epiphanies and course changing a-has? 
  • And will you harness the introspective focus of the season and DIVE instead of being swept under?

Our souls -Especially in Fall- Crave Depth.
They crave Immersion in Truth.

What if for the next 90 days months you simply said: 
Okay, yes. I’ll go there.

This course is your YES.  When you register you will immediately receive access to a full library of Jenafer Joy Courses.  In our Immersion classroom there will be a new topics each week as well as optional daily nudges in your inbox.  Choose your own adventure following your Muse into any topics in the library that inspires you.

"I gotta say… although I have done a ton of personal exploration art process stuff over many years and led this kind of work myself your courses are just perfect for me right now. Absolutely perfect! Your work is providing an ideal structure for me to meet myself in some new and extremely helpful and surprising ways. I’m really grateful for what you offer. Thank you."



Register to join us by October 8th and receive immediate access to my newest online offering:  FEISTY (A Fairy Guide Painting Course). All other course access will be for 100 days but this workshop will be permanently added to your library.

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Your Feisty Bonus is available through 10/8

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Weekly Inspiration. Daily Nudges. Show up for yourself for 90 days.

Use a pleothra of powerful prompts to take you into new terrain.

Collage, doodles, poetry, painting. How will you commit art today?

Show Up. Go Deeper. Commit Art.

If you're new here, trust me when I say I have a ridiculous plethora of Inspired Inquiry courses for journal and canvas available.  A selection of powerful journeys that I've created over the last five years. Short courses that will take you an afternoon, deliciously long courses that you can stride through day after day. Playful poetry prompts that require no supplies, paintings on large and small canvas. Tarot, Astrology, Moon Cycles. There's even an inquiry for those with a muse led business in there!

During our 3 month immersion I will expect your interests to shift and change as you follow your muse. Use your creative practice time to pick and play among any of the dozen plus courses included. And as you forge your own creative practice path, together we'll explore the conversation of Intentional Creativity with weekly musings and daily nudges.

Jena is a muse pied piper, as if museness flows from her and just draws everyone along…. pure magic.

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Weekly inspiration and daily nudges begin October 1st but as soon as you register you'll have immediate access to: Focus, Rebel Rules, Siren Song, Flight of Fantasy, #28Poems, Mystic Tune Up, Faces of the Moon, Inner Monsters, Retrieve, Time Bender, Rattle the Lids, True Story, Touchstone, Queen of the Castle, and Skymagic! Plus the brand new Feisty Course.

Access to over $1250 of Jenafer Joy courses.

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3 Payments Of


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Saying YES is about setting yourself up with the support you need to take your creative practice to the next level.


Settle into a 3 month timeline of powerful introspection.

Allow daily prompts to inspire your own intuitive leaps.

Find out exactly what the muse has been trying to tell you!

Dive with us.

100% money back guarantee. you don't love it. full refund. period.

If you have any questions whatsoever, email me at [email protected]











"OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🖤 I can’t thank you enough!!!! You were the person who started me off on my artistic quest. I am almost in tears here!! Your courses have always been the most enjoyable for me; that’s why I have always returned to your programs. I just cannot wait for Feisty! They literally have changed my life. Looking back on the darker times when I was so unhappy working, your assignments pulled me through them; being creative and planning my upcoming assignments (at work!! 😝) were just what I needed to get me through those days. I think my very favorite course was the Tarot based one. And Time Bender, and Faces of the Moon, and..... just about all!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my multicolored heart for this and for all that you have done for me by starting me off on my creative journey!! "

Jenafer Joy is a member of the Intentional Creativity Guild. Intentional Creativity is dedicated to exploring the creativity process when undertaken with intention.  Intentional Creativity can be applied to any creative endeavor - cooking, gardening, painting, writing. You begin with a question like "what am I not seeing?" and commit art while engaging in mindful self reflection. When we choose to be present during creativity, and choose to move towards our deep questions, intuitive answers arise organically.



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