If you're looking for a juicy extended art journaling course,
(if you love to art daily and really dig in)

let's explore your options for epic journeys:

An Inquiry into your Creative Cycle

There are 13 weeks of prompts, divided into three rounds. In the first round you will be defining and connecting one by one to the "faces" of the moon and building up the foundation of your journal at your own pace. Round two is designed as a prompt a day and we follow the moon through it's cycle from new to full and full to new (or visa versa!) In round three we explore the menstrual cycle (or your own inner non bleeding rhythms.)

Imagine, connect, tend, discern and release...

  • Release Date 2014
  • Permanent Access: $120
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies

Storywalking the Tarot

Ridiculously Epic Course with 160 prompts! You’ll be working with the Major Arcana cards and progressing through the evolutionary sequence of the tarot in our journals. Each week has a delicious diverse selection of prompts based on the themes, inherent inquiries and the gestalt of the card at hand. Course includes videos, audio recordings, and simple written prompts.  You will be able to keep up with 10-15 minutes a day or binge and rest at your own pace. What a rich transformative journey that will be!

  • Release Date 2015
  • Permanent Access: $250
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies plus Tarot Books

The Art & Magic of Astrology

I developed this course with two of my dearest (& genius) friends: Mary & Laura. Skymagic explores the astrological archetypes throughout the year.

Each month includes an hour long talk with Mary, one with Laura, some art journaling with me and astrology bits and bites.

Although the course ran from September to September, you can begin at any time. Pick and choose your favorite astrology archetypes or jump to the current month.

  • Release Date 2014-2015
  • Permanent Access price: $274
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies or just listen to the audios.
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