The Feisty Fairy Guide

Intentional Creativity Painting Course with Jenafer Joy

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Hi! Greetings! Jenafer Joy here.


I'm super duper excited to share my Feisty Fairy Guide Intuitive Painting Course with you.

In this class we're going to be inviting an interesting character to show up on the canvas and we're going to be using the creative process to awaken a truth telling story line straight from our own intuition.

Let's talk a bit about who we're inviting. This character that is showing up seems to be a separate entity but is in fact a reflection. They're a reflection of your own playful genius. 

I don't know about you, but I've noticed that we humans have an odd tendency. Whenever we have big (and little) questions, we ask the part of our brain that tracks the past and studies statistics. We create pro and con lists and weigh what the experts say strongly. But my commitment instead is that you listen to the deep smart places within you. And those places are nonlinear. Rules by a fickle feisty Muse. When you start listening to the instructions of your own intuition it can feel like a fairy tale "wait, I'm supposed to run out of the house and pick berries by the river? But then at the river something important and completely unforeseen happens. That's what intuition is like: nonlinear and revolutionary.

Painting - especially the female form - allows us to connect in a fresh way with our own inner voice. Suddenly we have an external face that can speak to us and for us. We let color and shape show us what wouldn't otherwise make sense.

And in this Feisty course we're going to add another layer to the game: we're inviting in Fairy energy.

Fairies know things. Fairies have different rules.
Fairies are wooed by play & doing things in odd ways. And fairies offer boons for games well played.

When we invite a fairy onto our canvas we are telling our strange and feisty inner wisdom that we are ready to listen in a new way.


Because we have set the intention and are willing to play, you may begin to notice that fairy energy shows up. Things will appear and disappear.  And life will start to wink at you!

Choose for yourself right now - you can lean in and look for fairy energy to show up in your real life. Or you can lean out simply by firmly stating that the fairy energy is a poetic allegory and no real fairies need to show up - thank you very much!

If you are choosing to engage with fairies I would recommend that as soon as you register you leave an offering. Consider honey or liquor, berries or chocolate. Flowers, birdseed, mushrooms wildflowers or little shiny treasures.

What magical message will your Feisty Fairy Guide have for you?

All prompts for this series are available to do at your own pace. Enjoy meeting your feisty fairy guide on canvas over a weekend or spread the journey out with a little bite each day! Here's a peek at step 20:

Frequently Asked Questions

All inspired inquiries that I offer are indefinite access.  Simply log into your library 24/7 to find all your courses! Feisty is no exception. Trust your pace and work through the process as many times as you'd like.

The course is designed to be done at your own pace. There are 25 video each approximately 5 minutes which prompt you to engage in the next step.  You can take a new bite every day or use a blow dryer to dry the canvas and move through the whole experience over the course of a weekend.

Supply List

  • Canvas (Blick Studio Traditional 11x14)
  • Assorted smaller size brushes (Da Vinci Junior Series 303 and 304 – sizes 1, 6, 8 & 10)
  • Acrylic Paint in a short rainbow- red, yellow, blue, black, brown & white (Golden Fluid Acrylics in Cadmium Red Medium, Diarylide Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Raw Umber, Bone Black, & Titanium White.)
  • Waterproof Black Pen (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Fine Nib) Sharpies work great too.
  • Charcoal (Vine Charcoal Jumbo Stick) pencil/watercolor pencil are workable substitutes
  • A few stencils.  Choose loose patterns instead of symbols/
  • Plus from around the house: Paper for journaling, paper towels, jar of water. Access to a printer to print out black and white image on plain paper.

Parentheses indicate my recommendations. You can use whatever you have on hand. Note that different brands of acrylic may behave differently than the Golden fluid acrylics.


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