We women know full circle.
That feeling of returning to a familiar place but seeing it with changed eyes.

And at the center of the largest circle is a potent longing that is your own: unique and specific.

We spend our days, months, lives intuitively pursuing and resisting that tugging center. Often without consciously knowing what exactly resides there.

Are you ready to find out?

In this thirteen week initiation you will focus on a longing that has been obscured.  Step by step around the circle we will transform your understanding, your fears and your approach to it's siren song.

I chose collage as our entry point because image (found, shuffled, interpreted) is one of my favorite tools for getting new information. Instead of forcing preconceived ideas onto the page, we enter a dynamic dialogue with synchronicity. Collage, in the way that I mean, is a journey of active imagination. A modern day shamanic visioning where the flip snip paste helps you enter a state of curiosity and epiphany.

If you took my shorter Synthesis collage course you know some of the games that we will be employing: hopscotch, word spelunking, decoding.  I call them games because I have found that when you have FUN, you go even deeper. The most sacred secrets, when surprised and tickled, release the juiciest epiphanies!

And so in Full Circle we will use many of the same games but with more depth and insight: owning and exploring the collage divination process, following the connecting threads, bantering with the scissor wielding Muse. Each week will be a continuation of our collaged conversation and an opportunity to perceive the center in a new light. 

After leading many art & self reflection courses I know that our excavation will be profound - even when the images appears ordinary at first glance.

"Jena, in my experience you teach shamanic collage, or perhaps transdimensional collage! The words and images we play with from magazines and wherever, become ALIVE in your classes... My art journals feel sacred to me. So much from beyond my small self shows up on/in my pages."

About Full Circle

aka is this class for me?

  • If you already love collage and want to revolutionize the way you approach your practice, this is the course for you. We'll take everything shared in Synthesis and go further, deeper, more!
  • If you have never gotten into collage, my approach is unique and guaranteed to inspire. Try Synthesis for a taste and then come back for this journey!
  • If you know that ongoing self reflection is KEY for soul health this course is the equivalent of taking a yummy fruit flavored gummy vitamin. Tastes like a treat but is so good for you!  My prompts and approaches are playful, quick, mind bending and every twist provides potent epiphanies. Seriously, it's going to be fun.
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"Jena's collage courses have been deeply informative. I have done the lessons eagerly (and sometimes warily) while feeling the transformation. My gaze has been moved from present to past, from inner and outer landscapes, and then from past to present. Jena has guided the use of both image and word and focused on the gaze itself. The synthesis that I feel at the end of this class is in vision, direction and focus. I have been deeply transformed from these on-line classes and am deeply grateful.💐" Meghan

My course Synthesis highlights my collage approach.
Click play below to watch lesson three:


Frequently Asked

 If you purchase permanent access you'll have the course indefinitely to take and retake at your leisure. If you are enjoying the course with your ongoing subscription, you'll find it in your library as long as your subscription remains active.

There will be thirteen collage prompts - one per week.  Depending on how slap dash you are in flipping pages and gluing - these prompts will take you 15 minutes to an hour. In Full Circle there will be two additional prompts each week to help you untangle and translate the messages that are threading through the journey. So expect to spend 1-2 hours a week pondering and prodding your smart soul into conversation.

All the classes I offer are designed for completing at your own pace. So if you would like to go slower (or proceed in fits and starts) simply log into your library 24/7 to take your next step. Work through the process as many times as you'd like!

  • Scissors - small ones with a sharp tip. You'll probably appreciate a little exacto knife too but consider it optional.
  • Glue (a basic glue stick is fine) or use the glue you like to use. You'll also want one of those rolls of wide clear packaging tape.
  • A pile of magazines plus your image stash. We're going to be creating 13 collages so I would recommend at least 13 magazines. I use the New Yorker because they are abundant and eclectic. If you have a reuse center by you consider looking for vintage magazines - so satisfying!
  • Journal with thick paper (I use the Canson XL Mix Media Pads 9×12). Loose thick paper will work as well.
  • You'll want at least one Waterproof Black Pen. Sharpies work okay (a little stinky). I love the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens - the fine, brush and BIG sizes are all fabulous.
  • A waterproof white pen is optional but delicious on dark surfaces - I like both the White Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens and the Sakura Gelly Roll Regular Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm.
  • A bit of white acrylic paint and a brush.

questions? email me at [email protected]


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