All of these are around a month (or two) Choose your topic and let's get arting: Intuition, Inner Longings, Wellness, Permission to say no. Also a favorite which just requires writing: #28 Poems.

Ten week Story Walking journey into the wild woods of Baba Yaga.  Starting with releasing the "too good" mother and completing with a flaming skull. A grand time guaranteed to make the doll in your pocket jump up and down.

  • Re-Release Date 2019.
  • Permanent Access: $147.
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Eight chapter journey following the myth of Inanna

In this course we’ll be exploring a particular story – an old story. But instead of just reading it, you’ll be experiencing the terrain through the lens of your own life. In each chapter we’ll show up at our uber big journals with paint or collage or pen and use our marks to walk our way through this inspirational going deeper conversation.

  • Release Date 2015 (aka not the best videos)
  • Permanent Access: $77
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies except extra large journal (14x17)  charcoal and needle & thread

NOTE:  Originally delivered over 8 weeks but you'll likely go faster.

Three week exploration into  wellness

Our Souls have things to tell us. But like a romantic tryst, they prefer a specific set and setting. They want the excuse of a container. They want a cycle of healing. They want us awake and paying attention.

Rebel Rules is about setting a container, defining a cycle, honoring our own rules and really listening.

During our three week cycle together we will be defining and refining our own set of rules for wellness.

  • Release Date 2018
  • Permanent Access: $47
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies

Inner Monsters, Feisty Rants, and Permission to say NO!

A series so goofy you're bound to have epiphanies galore.

I love this one because it was 28 days of silly doodling and playing but still so powerful. 

Lots of participants did this with their kids. I just showed Hazel my journal and she loved taking all the monsters out of the monster eater. I highly recommend - especially in October.


  • Release Date 2014 (aka not the best videos)
  • Permanent Access price: $47
    / Free Access if you're low on funds
  • Standard Art Journal Supplies or just listen to the audios.
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This 28 day series is about working the muscle of showing up & listening with your poetic ear.

  • Release Date 2017.
  • Permanent Access: $28 or free with challenge!
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