8 Days A Week

This delightful and curious Eight Days a Week course was originally delivered to a group of 30 women in April of 2024. Everyone pledged to do daily art, to share themselves bravely and to bring steady encouragement and witness to the others in the group.

I feel enormously blessed that so many of the participants not only generously “overshared” during our time together, but also gave permission to have their vulnerable and authentic posts included in this booklet so that you can be inspired by the diverse and creative approaches.

There are sweet and powerful daily journal prompts and deep soulful inquiries and it will be awesome for ANY eight day week where you want to devote yourself to art. This soloquest has really good magic for you.

Eight Days of Devotion:
1. Soul Searching
2. Finding the Zone
3. Being Vulnerable
4. Tending the Soul of Art
5. Honoring the Stretch
6. Releasing Shoulds
7. Holding Devotion
8. Claiming Celebration

As many of the participants reported afterwards, this journey likely will not be at all what you expect but will absolutely be what you need.

You'll receive access to the full 8 day course in your library as soon as you register. This one also has a sweet pdf that you can download. ♥️ Thank you for supporting the work!

$25.00 USD

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