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This registration is for the "soloquest" version of Plucked: The Three Golden Hairs.

I originally read it in Women Who Runs with the Wolves and I return to it over and over again when I'm feeling worn to the bone.

"I work with many women who are deeply involved in social activism. There is not doubt about it, at the far turn of their cycle they become tired out, dragging themselves through the forest on creaking legs, the lantern flickering, ready to go out. This is the time when they say I've had it. I quit... I say that is a good idea, it is time to rest. To which they usually screech, 'Rest! How can I rest when the whole world is going to hell right before my very eyes?' But in the end a woman must rest now, rock now, regain her focus. She must become younger, recover her energy. She thinks she cannot, but she can, for the circle of women, be they mothers, students, artists, or activists, always closes to fill in for those who go on rest leave. A creative woman has to rest now and return to her intense work later. She has to go see the old woman in the forest..." Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Stepping into this tale we'll ask, what are the "trees" in the forest you are pulling yourself through hand over hand? What is the cadence of the "there there" when you let yourself be comforted? And what specifically are each of those three gold hairs calling to be plucked?

You could ask yourselves these big questions over coffee, while the kid or partner or dog or crow is squawking.  And you might get an answer. But when you're cutting out trees and letting the old lady in the cottage wear the head of a goose, you get really different information.

Einstein was quoted as saying "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." And I'm here to tell you that fairytales have the answers you need and it's totally different thinking than you've been using...

Your purchase gives you immediate and permanent access to this course. It was originally delivered to the community as a three week Storywalk. But you are invited to work through the prompts in the way that works for you!