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This registration is for the "soloquest" version of Smack: The tale of the Frog King.

In this story we're going to be using the tale of the Frog King to explore some powerful inner dichotomies. I've recently been obsessed with Jung's quaternity of attitudes: intuition, sensing, thinking, feeling.🔥🪨💨🌊

If we rely primarily on intuition, what might our somatic self have to show us? (Perhaps how to retrieve that golden ball?) If we are primarily feeling, what does our inner rational king want us to know about the true rules of the land?

🐸 If you are the intuition driven princess, I'm curious what actual dream/idea you are tossing around...what golden ball has recently fallen down the well?
🐸 If that 'thick ugly watersplasher' is actually your own slow somatic genius (aka your body) what would it look like to lift it up to a place at the table?
🐸 If the King says "what you have promised you must keep" what will be on the other side of the door?
🐸 And when it comes to the part in the story where it's told two different ways - in the french version a kiss and the german version a toss against the wall - which will you choose?

Your purchase gives you immediate and permanent access to this course. It was originally delivered to the community as a six week Storywalk. But you are invited to work through the prompts in the way that works for you!