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  2. SMACK (6 Week StoryWalk of the Frog Prince. Created Spring 2022)
  3. PLUCKED (3 Week StoryWalk of the Three Golden Hairs. Created Winter 2022) 
  4. THE WINDOW (6 week journey of the Tale of Rapunzel. Created Summer 2021) 
  5. SAYING HAI (Haiku. Haibun. Haiga Eight days experimenting with quick forms of Poetry, Prose and Drawing. Created Summer 2020)
  6. REFLECTED (10 week StoryWalk of the Ugly Duckling. Spring 2020)

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  • ALLEGORICAL (Painting + Writing from 2019)
  • FULL CIRCLE (Collage as Divination from 2019)
  • BRAVE (10 week Story Walking of the Tale of Vasalisa from 2019)
  • LOVE OF SALT (10 week exploration of the Cap O Rushes. Fall 2020)
  • SPINDLE & THREAD (10 week exploration of the Myth of Er. Winter 2021)
  • THE OTHER FLOWER (10 week journey through the Tale of the Lindworm. Spring 2021)
  • PAIR (13 week epic StoryWalk of the Handless Maiden. Fall 2021)
  • RED BEAD WOMAN (13 Week Storywalk of the Red Bead Woman. Winter 2022)
  • GET YOUR GOAT (10 Week Storywalk of the Tale of Tatterhood. Spring 2023)

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Hello, Jena. I've never been so happy to write a testimonial for someone! I just completed my reflection period on For the Love of Salt. I took a pause at one point - yes, I got stuck! - and then finished the journey. I wanted to give myself at least a week before I returned to see what the journey revealed. Because this was my first story walking journey, I literally had no idea how the journey would unfold, no idea where we were going with each step. There was no plan on my part; I simply followed your story line and was rewarded with the most amazing insights. This journey was deeply revealing and layers of meaning that seemed to come from nowhere surely came through intuitive knowledge and wisdom. Your process really delivers at a deep level. I'm always working in several areas and on several levels at the same time. I had insights on my story walking journey that surprised me and they inspired me to look further, more deeply, into symbols, archetypes and stories that deepened my understanding of my own journey in life. Thank you so much for an experience with such meaning, and one that I truly looked forward to each day. I'll soon begin Spindle and Thread and I'm sure it will be just as rewarding and inspiring.


I gotta say… although I have done a ton of personal exploration art process stuff over many years and led this kind of work myself your courses are just perfect for me right now. Absolutely perfect! Your work is providing an ideal structure for me to meet myself in some new and extremely helpful and surprising ways. I’m really grateful for what you offer.


I really appreciate your heart opening, mind bending, creativity driven method of teaching and art!



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