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You know the story yes? The patriarch dies and the youngest isn't left anything useful like industry or heave ho...only a cat. But the cat is wily and wants big things. And so with much trickery, Puss in Boots ends up delivering the youngest everything they could dream of. Now, that's an okay story right? Listening to animal helpers and winning lands, castle and princess. Okay... but a little yawn.

What if we apply a twist? Something that makes it intensely personal, slightly taboo and ups the stakes? What if the part of dear pussy will be played by your own deep smart parts?!

Okay - let's back up a minute. If you are someone who deals regularly in symbols, if you track your night dreams, work with poetry, collage or other art forms and follow the signs in your waking days, you know that some symbols repeat over and over in your life. And yes, they have archetypal meanings but they also grow deep personal significance. The acorn is not just the start of the oak tree, it is also the specific  oak tree that you sat in as a child and the specific dreams latent in you. Yes?

And indeed when we work regularly with the symbolic there is imagery that gradually builds it's own extended entry in our personal lexicon.  For instance the cat.

Cats have significance for all of us of course..."To cats have been attributed a wide variety of traits - often contradictory. Curiosity, nine lives, independence, cleverness, unpredictability, and healing are but a few... Cats are at home after dark. Because the dark is the home of fears and those things humans do not want to see and can't seem the cat has come to be associated with magic and mystery" - Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

All that's a lovely cursory view of the meanings of cats but over the years when I have looked at my own collages and writings, the cat showing up always brings a message from the feminine wisdom.  And yes, the association may have started because in english slang pussy is a name for the female parts. Pussy as the pussy....

To be clear, when I think of feminine parts I think of not just of anatomy but the energy of deep seated feminine intuition. And that does indeed seem also to match our definitions of pussy above: magical, mysterious, definitely curious, independent. There is even a connection to multiple lives: your mother was born with the seed of you in her as her mother was born with the seed of her... matrilineal memory is part of intuition.

You're with me then - pussy as intuition? But now, let's circle back and pick back up the physical anatomy as well. Because I find access to my own intuition in the literal bowl of my own body.  As I've deepened into a more trusting relationship with my body, I feel the truth of things.  I feel whether by body clenches or softens in response. I feel danger and warnings like a lightning strike.

And so yes, this is the pussy cat - the slink of your own intuition and the sigh of your own body - for which we will procure the finest boots and set out on the road to destiny!

Can we go a little deeper? When discussing this story many folks get caught up in the fact that the cat seems to erm....lack moral quality. Dear pussy shows no remorse as they trick and threaten their way towards owning the whole kingdom.

But if we take this story within a context of the initiation being a woman - there's something that is incredibly vital about taking what you want and letting none of the normal culture rules stand in our way. 

Wanting what we want is one of the deepest taboos for women. We replace our wants with social acceptance - we flatter and fawn and care take and rarely reach.

What do YOU really want? Even if you say I don't know! I'm going to tell you straight that your pussy - your deep feminine smart parts - that part of you knows. It knows what makes you feel alive. It knows what makes you undulate. It knows what makes you dry and what makes you wet. This is true, even if you can't remember the purr or the pounce.

And so while Puss in Boots seems a light and silly story it is actually absolutely revolutionary. Because if you let this part of you lead you down the path. If you strip naked when this part says, if you let this part negotiate with the king, if you let this part give you everything you want? That is absolutely counter culture.

Women wanting what we want is revolutionary.  And Puss in Boots can show us the way. 

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