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Leap: Exploring your Artistic Edge

An Inspired Inquiry with Jenafer Joy
in collaboration with Cosmic Cowgirls Ink

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Create a new body of work. Practice Intentional Creativity.
Strengthen your relationship to the Muse.

A Invitation from Jenafer Joy

Do you have a muse who talks to you? I’m sure you do - even if you’re not always sure how to translate her messages. I have one who won’t take nearly enough flak and loves to boss me around. And recently she started moaning about how I’m not doing my own art anymore. I wanted to deny it - to point out how creative I am, but honestly, she has a really good point. I've been playing it safe.

If you’re anything like me, you are absolutely and totally peg-able as creative. You’re doing it. Absolutely. No question. There’s this thing you do and that thing you do. And everyone knows that cooking is creative, right? BUT there’s also a quiet, patient siren song that you can hear in the cracks of your life that is asking you to be just a little bit braver, a little bit bigger, and - most importantly - to go into some uncharted territories.

What if you just finally said: 

Okay, yes. FINE. I’ll go there.

This course is that "yes". It's a personal journey undertaken within patting distance of an intimate circle of peers. It is about accountability - showing up. And inspiration - trusting the guidance of the messages on your path. It's about Intentional Creativity as a personal practice. And it is about having the support to be brave enough to follow your own wild hairs and move to the next level in your creative evolution.

Letting your techniques wander, letting go of the rules,
showing up FOR and showing up IN your own art.

Let's take the leap together.

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Here’s the deal. For 13 weeks you’ll be showing up every single day for your art. 15 minutes is the minimum commitment but of course your art will want more. And when you step into this experiment you’re saying you’ll be giving it MORE where and when you can but that (come hell or high water) you WILL give it 15 minutes every day.

Your approach to showing up will vary. I’ll be giving you dares and nudges and meditations and inspiration and high fives. And your intuition will be telling you when to follow my suggestions and when to follow something that your muse has left directly in your path.

How you decide to define your art is wide open from my perspective. Painting, drawing, poetry, singing, novel, textiles, collage, pottery. You choose. But I want to back your muse up and be absolutely clear that neither of us suggests you to pick the safe boring thing. If you’ve been weaving for a decade but your heart sings for paint, it’s painting that you commit to. If you’ve been painting diligently but you secretly and desperately want to learn the tango, then you’re dancing for this series. The art that is your edge is the art to choose.

We’ll also be exploring what it means to share our art with the world. How are we showing up as an artist already? How might we let ourselves be seen even more? We can trust our art to tell us how it wants to be presented if we listen. And we can trust that when we are walking this muse approved path, unexpected avenues will open. No rules or techniques, simply bravely following your intuition.

You’ll be joining an online circle of women so we can provide witness and inspiration for each other. This will not happen on Facebook because stepping into Facebook makes me suddenly feel like “there is no point to being creative today”. Instead it will be happening in a quiet private online classroom I’ve created called INSPIRED.

Show up.
Follow your Intuition.
Commit Art.
Report Back.


You Ready?

❤ Jena

Jena is a muse pied piper, as if museness flows from her and just draws everyone along…. pure magic.

Saying YES is about setting yourself up with the support you need to take your creative practice to the next level.


Settle into a 3 month timeline of powerful introspection and daring action.

Allow daily intentional prompts to inspire your own intuitive leaps.

Let yourself be seen and supported by a circle of creative peers.

Find out exactly what art lives at your edge!


The Muse knows where she wants to take you.
LEAP with us.

The Journey Begins In









One-Time Payment


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3 Payments Of


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100% money back guarantee. you don't love it. full refund. period.

The Intentional Creativity Movement is dedicated to exploring the creativity process  when undertaken with intention.  Intentional Creativity can be applied to any creative endeavor - cooking, gardening, painting, writing. You begin with a question like What does art look like at my edge? and commit art while engaging in mindful self reflection. When we choose to be present during creativity, and choose to move towards our deep questions, intuitive answers arise organically.

If you have any questions whatsoever, email me at [email protected]



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