Find the general painting supply list at the bottom of this page. You'll need an assortment of acrylic paints and a fresh canvas. I highly recommend Time Bender. Most of these courses start with transferring the lines from a photo. You'll create your own form in Time Bender & Touchstone. 

Call Honor Ask

I created this short painting course for communing with kindred spirits - both kin and kin by claim.

  • Release Date 2018
  • Permanent Access price: $17 (or no charge)
  • 9X12 Canvas (or journal)


Meet your Feisty Fairy Guide and get potent information on your next step. 25 lessons.

  • Release Date: 2018
  • Permanent Access $125
  • 11x14 Canvas


What happens if you commit to your art every day for just 8 minutes?  28 lessons.

  • Release Date: 2017
  • Permanent Access $97
  • 11x14 Canvas
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A whimsical self portrait of your true self. Move forward into your new story. Ten steps starting with a photo of you!

  • Release Date 2017
  • Permanent Access: $47
  • 9X12 Canvas


A gentle painting journey on a big canvas. For this series we’re working with the intention of grounding into ourselves. 18 steps.

  • Release Date 2016
  • Permanent Access: $77
  • Large! 24x36 (or min 12x16)


Ten painting steps on a small canvas with writing, collaging, and muse information to rattle your lids!

  • Release Date 2015
  • Permanent Access price: $47
  • 9X12 Canvas
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  • Canvas (Blick Premier Traditional 7/8″ Profile Cotton in the 9x12, 11x14 or a large size.)

  • Charcoal or dark watercolor pencil. (Grumbacher Vine Charcoal Jumbo Stick)

  • Assorted smaller size brushes (Da Vinci Junior Series 303 and 304 – sizes 1, 6, 8 & 10) plus Sash brush like Escoda size four for anything larger than 9x12 canvas

  • Acrylic Paint – red, yellow, blue, black, brown & white (Golden Fluid Acrylics in Cadmium Red Medium, Hansa Yellow Medium, Cobalt Turquoise, Raw Umber, Bone Black, & Titanium White.)

  • Thick Waterproof Pen (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Brush Nib in Black)

  • Matte Medium (Liquitex Matte Medium)

  • Plus from around the house: Paper for journaling, sharp ballpoint pen for journaling & transfer, magazine, scissors, old credit card for spreading matte medium, water


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