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Let's bring back the light for the New Year

Calling it Quits is a Good Idea Right Now

"I work with many women who are deeply involved in social activism. There is not doubt about it, at the far turn of their cycle they become tired out, dragging themselves through the forest on creaking legs, the lantern flickering, ready to go out. This is the time when they say I've had it. I quit... I say that is a good idea, it is time to rest. To which they usually screech, 'Rest! How can I rest when the whole world is going to hell right before my very eyes?' But in the end a woman must rest now, rock now, regain her focus. She must become younger, recover her energy. She thinks she cannot, but she can, for the circle of women, be they mothers, students, artists, or activists, always closes to fill in for those who go on rest leave. A creative woman has to rest now and return to her intense work later. She has to go see the old woman in the forest..." Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Step in to a three week rocking restoration
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I guess it was Maslow who said "If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail."

Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Jena. My hammer is Storywalking. And your inner life? It's looking kinda like a nail to me πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

Let's be clear - there are a gazillion things you could do to rest and reconnect with your inner smarts. I however, am a zealot believer in the power of an art journal process I call Storywalking.

It looks like 15 minutes a day with a journal, magazines, scissors.Β  It looks like using a fairytale as a roadmap. And it looks like a serious date with your own hard hitting intuition.

You see, I'm a genius at coming up with playful prompts that sneak us past the logical everyday ordinary responses. But YOUR INTUITION is the real freaking genius around here because it's got exactly the answers that you need for your next step.


When we begin a Story Walking course like The Three Golden Hairs, instead of casually flipping through the pages, pausing only to dissect it with our intellect, we allow the potent metaphors and inquiries to refract and reverberate through all the aspects of our everyday ordinary life.

What are the "trees" in the forest you are pulling yourself through hand over hand? What is the cadence of the "there there" when you let yourself be comforted? And what specifically are each of those three gold hairs calling to be plucked?

You could ask yourselves these big questions over coffee, while the kid or partner or dog or crow is squawking.Β  And you might get an answer. But when you're cutting out trees and letting the old lady in the cottage wear the head of a goose, you get really different information.

Einstein was quoted as saying "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." And I'm here to tell you that fairytales have the answers you need and it's totally different thinking than you've been using...

My style of art journaling opens the voice of the intuition in an effortless manner - bringing spontaneous epiphanies and surprising momentum. Sometimes it points to subtle shifts of perception. Sometimes it points our future into a whole new direction. Your task is simply to show up with pen, scissors, glue... and take your place in the circle. The story will take care of the rest.

"If you've lost focus, just sit down and be still. Take the idea and rock it to and fro. Keep some of it and throw some away, and it will renew itself. You need do no more." Renewing the Creative fire from Women Who Run with the Wolves


Registering for the Three Golden Hairs Story Walking journey gives you permanent access to the story to complete at your own pace.

Instructions are peppy & personal and include experimenting with collage, painting, doodling, writing. All the videos are as short as a good song so you get inspired and go right to your journal! The explorations are doable 15 minutes a day or a couple hours a week and are perfect for all skill levels. Keep up with the playful prompts or go along at your own pace.

That lantern's looking low. Let's head to the cottage.
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Thanks so much to Jenafer and all who have been on this journey. Even though I have been silent, I have been here, amazed by the process Jenafer created. Each week the music, images, questions and reflections have felt like soul food. I am so grateful for this amazingly powerful process. I send my thanks and love to all. Even though we haven't met, we have traveled together. Sally

I'm really excited about the short format of a three week course! You'll be doing it full sized but I created a mini template to explore how we're going to play with the layers of the story. What details will fill your forest? What fire will show up in your lantern, hearth, sun? What face will the old woman wear? I can't wait to find out!

Β Want more of a peek of what we'll actually be doing? Here are some little snapshots from the 15 videos that make up our journey.Β  Each prompt is quick fun and powerful. πŸ‘‡

Questions you might have:

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Building my intuition to a point of trusting my choices again using imagery, blind pulls, and heart rendered characters was life changing for me. Jenafer your unique ability to pull my deepest soul connection and ability to heal old wounds is amazing. The container you create allowed for deep connections among the story walkers.  I found the combination of well planned music, hand movements, the short sweet lessons became something I hungered for every day. There has never been therapy or another class that has taken me so deep into myself and delivered me as a whole being on the other side.


I will always cherish this Storywalking as “the One”... so much happened while at it... and I am so glad I chose not to stop, but to keep moving forward with you all, “even if”.  I now know I am going to be fine.  Even more than fine. Oh. THANK YOU ALL so, so much. ....and as I always say... ¡adelante, mis amores!


This class has been one of the most potent classes I've ever taken. The healing that I've experienced in this class could have taken years in traditional therapy! The support from Jena and the others in the group was one of the best parts to this journey. Having witnesses and fresh perspectives from loving sisters was and is everything. I am so grateful to be a part of the community that Jena has created and she holds space for us all so beautifully. I feel safe to be seen and safe to explore my inner world in the Inspired Inquiries community. Nowhere else in my life do I feel this safety and connection like I do in this space. Combining the visual art with writing and inquiries was the big key for me to unlock things within. I've taken other classes that were solely based on just painting and I didn't get as much from that. It always felt like something was missing for me personally. This combination of work that Jena provides was it for me! Like a magic recipe, I'm more aware and open. Jena makes accessing intuition so easy! Thank you so much Jena and sisters in this community. I am blessed to have journeyed with you in the story walk and to continue to be with you all walking forward on new adventures! β™‘

P.s. Jena, the fact that you opened up and truly, honestly walked with us was AMAZING!! You shared your vulnerability with us which allowed us to be vulnerable too. Most teachers just teach and don't "go deep" which leaves one feeling alone. But rode the ride right beside us β™‘ for that I am grateful.


Even while I am no longer surprised, I continue to be so amazed and awed and delighted at this whole Jenius Jena process, deepened by the profound gifts of this community gathered.


Allow image + word to activate the truth telling capacities of your own intuition

Let the old woman gather you into her arms
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