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What is your
"weir-doo woo woo"?


We all know that life is a process of becoming more ourself. But in a super saturated world, how do we even know what that is? The Tale of the Ugly Duckling is a retrieval story. A journey to reclaim true identity from distorted reflection. What are the ways that your glorious self has remained unseen, limited and twisted from it's natural grace?

Finding out is as easy as flip snip paste...


It’s Time To Claim Yourself












This child's tale is one you likely have heard. And so you know that our path will lead us through formative landscapes. Past caricatures of characters who failed to see us. Past those who tried to keep us safe through pushing and pulling us into a palatable shape. We know this journey involves danger narrowly avoided and uncomfortable inadequacy masked by overcompensation. We know the ugly duckling is no “turkey” as the old duck exclaimed, but a most graceful swan.

And perhaps most important, in this tale, the WIDE WILD BLUE that calls the ugly duckling is also a calling out to your own soul's longing.


 Forget the specifics of haystack and stork, forget deep pools and burdock leaves and instead turn your inner eye towards the landscapes that were larger than life in your childhood. What was the backdrop of your hatching?


Already we are here in the "very large and not at all like the others" stage! Are you ready to get playful about it? Today's game is to draw a little gosling and also your own inner ugly duckling. Let's begin...


All of us have different versions of "Ugly" and our task today is to gently excavate for some negative labels that you believed. Go past the obvious ones and nudge around until you can find a variation that is still uncomfortable. We want to hit a nerve!


It takes bravery and focused attention to reach into the water and grab the living story line. In this chapter we look for words: the words of your external voice and the words of your internal voice.


Before we leave this large moor of compromising promises, let's watch the open jaws of truth bite into some of the lies we have believed.


I'm quite looking forward to leaving the cacophonous cottage. But before we go, let's turn our ear towards the wide blue.


We have been whirling our way through the swirls and blues. Now let's  catch sight of the glorious wings of our personal longing.


So close - but not the place to stay. "Almost right" is the most dangerous location of all! Let's mark it well.


Lean over the edge and take a look at yourself now!



Chapter by chapter this tale will midwife you through a deeply personal journey. Each video is a gentle nudge to get you out of your shell, onto your feet, drying your wings and setting out into the adventure of your life. 

What do you have to lose?


I've been "creating" Storywalking adventures since 2013. I put the word creating in quotes because these gentle but powerful art journal experiences create themselves and I have the privilege of walking with you down the path of quiet epiphany.

This particular course came to pass in the spring of 2020 and it absolutely transformed my experience of places I was frozen and ashamed. Multiple years later and it's as alive for me as it was when I first walked it! I want that breakthrough for you.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and #gettingweirder.

Nothing has been more valuable to me during these recent difficult times than Jena's Storywalking processes. In them I have found the key to seeking that which is deep within my psyche through the following of the deep mystical magic of ancient stories. I must admit to being somewhat dense - under normal conditions when I read an old fairytale or myth I really don't understand how all the creatures in the story represent different parts of my own psyche, but through the collaging and art practices led by Jena's brilliant work we are offered a simple and often whimsical key to capturing that deeper understanding of ourselves.

My own Storywalking practice has become the way I begin most days after arising - it's a way for me to get in touch with the deeper parts of Self - the soul - each morning, bring me to center, and revelations and epiphanies abound. I have started to keep a journal of my walking alongside the collaging process. Nothing is more magical than going back and reading all the sound advice and revelations given to myself by my Self through this magical practice.

I cannot recommend this practice highly enough --- if you are interested in contacting your deep inner being in an artistic way, do a Storywalk!

I have become an addict.


Squidge Lain

Hi Jena, I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Storywalking experience. The whole process was beyond amazing in its ability to reach in so deeply and pull up all sorts of treasures. My life was very much taken over by the whole process and the energies that were coming forward to engage with the process. Things have calmed a bit but there is much that is continuing to unfold and dance with me. So much weaves together in forming the whole cloth of the journey. I continue to be shocked at the message of Homecoming and Joy that arose from the journey.... not at all expected and creating tectonic shifts in my world view. Thank you so much for the midwifery skills and magic that brought this new unfolding life into conscious expression.




Are you willing to make a place at the table for the awkward bumbling aspects of yourself? I mean that literally - is there a table in your house where you could spread out a journal, pencils, scissors and glue?

If so, then storywalking is for you.

Give me 15 minutes a day. Or an hour a week. Or an extended weekend and these playful videos will take you deep into your own psyche and back out again into the light of your daily life. 

Turning towards the duckling is the only way to find the swan.

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