Faces of the Moon

I love all the courses that I teach. But THIS ONE – exploring our faces, our ability to imagine, connect, tend, discern and release... this one, that requires we look where we haven’t been looking and listen to the parts inside of us that have been patient long enough… is a ridiculous level of juicy.

Faces of the Moon is a three part exploration of your personal phases and faces. It’s designed as a solo journey- which means that it’s between you and you, inside your journal. It's designed to be flexible – which means that you can do it as slow (or quickly) as you desire. It’s grounded in my training as an Acupuncturist, coupled with a sustaining muse approved swirl of playful inquiry – which means it’s great and epiphany producing fun.

There are 13 weeks of prompts, divided into three rounds. In the first round you will be defining and connecting one by one to the "faces" of the moon and building up the foundation of your journal at your own pace. Round two is designed as a prompt a day and we follow the moon through it's cycle from new to full and full to new (or visa versa!) In round three we explore the menstrual cycle (or your own inner non bleeding rhythms.)

I created the course in 2014 and it is a gorgeous powerful journey. I was blessed to have 35 women for the initial experience ( journal peeks below!) and the muse delivered up a delectable mix of playful videos & prompts, inspiring information, truth seeking missions and tons of ways to use your journal as both a practice and a reflection of our time together.

See Suggested Supplies for a list of recommended art supplies!

 If you haven't traveled with me before, you will find that in this amazing smorgasbord that  each and every piece is optional. Consider the muse as our catalytic guide, me as your "imaginary" best friend walking beside you, and the real conversation will be between you and the deepest smartest parts of you.  I am feeling ridiculously blessed to invite you along this lunar-illuminated inquiry.

Sweeping playful imagination and visionary flights,
unabashed connection to our heart's longings,
gentle tending of our physical space and physical bodies,
rigorous kind focus and attention to trajectory
and the hallelujah grace of emotions, surrender and release.

The video at the top of this page is the finale of the journey.
As you can see, you'll be romping and digging in an extensive playground of your own making!

I'd love to have you join me.

Thanks, Jenafer, for a fun, intense, and revelatory 3 month journey! I’d tell anyone considering this course to look thru my Faces of the Moon journal. It is definitely a vivid visual representation of what I’ve come to “know” in no uncertain terms – something I’ve worked very hard to avoid. – that I’m not “just a crafter” but a creative spirit whose medium is visual. It doesn’t matter how, with what, or even when I do it, just as long as I do it! love, Gloria

 This class was really really juicy.  so much goodness and depth came up for me during these four months.... and so much clarity around my life and my cycles and my purpose! Just, yum. I will try to respond more thoroughly to your questions soon, but for now just know that this class was brilliant, you are brilliant, and i just couldn't love you one bit more!!  I'm just so freaking happy to know you :) much love and appreesh, Sami

I realllllllllly loved this class! ♥ I loved that it was a bit of collage (which is my favorite!!), a bit of drawing and bit of writing.... something of everything in one journal. That made it a lot of fun. A person can spend years trying to express who they are and what they think and feel. It can happen in spurts; it gets rejected, and we crawl back into our nice safe shells and keep it all to ourselves. In an effort to be accepted, we conform. As a woman, I spent a good bit of my life making other people happy at my own expense. It takes one little supportive experience to make much needed changes. That is what this class did for me. I can finally express what is wanting expressed and not just what I think other people want to see & what they will think is pretty. I believe in myself again, and I am not afraid to show it! It’s not always going to be pretty or accepted. That’s okay. The best thing I ever did for myself & my art was to get involved with this class. All I can say is THANK YOU!! ♥ Colleen






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