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I've created this sweet set up because I want to make it so EASY for you to drop into conversation with yourself... whenever you need it. Little arty bites or deep paint splashing dives. 5 minute quickies or weeklong immersions. I'm seeing you with a hand full of art supplies, READY, showing up when you like for however much time you have!

The Inspired Inquiries Library Subscription opens access to an evolving smorgasbord of potent life changing topics guaranteed to get you musing & percolating. All at a price point that gives you permission to fly through a storywalking/ painting/ collaging process one weekend and equal permission to not even open your art journal another week.

Hello ridiculously abundant, guilt free, arting!

"I gotta say… although I have done a ton of personal exploration art process stuff over many years and led this kind of work myself, your courses are just perfect for me right now. Absolutely perfect! Your work is providing an ideal structure for me to meet myself in some new and extremely helpful and surprising ways. I’m really grateful for what you offer."

About The Library Subscription

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  • If you're NEW to Inspired Inquiries, this is a fabulous way to dig in and fall in love with this style of Intentional Creativity.  I have so many powerful courses that I've created over the last five years. Short courses that will take you an afternoon, deliciously long courses that you can stride through day after day. Playful poetry prompts that require no supplies. Fairy Tale Story Walking courses in a larger than life journal. Paintings on large and small canvas. Tarot, Astrology, Moon Cycles... You'll get immediate access to an abundance.  Choose the newest courses, choose the oldest courses, follow your intuition hither and thither. Like I said before: ridiculously abundant, guilt free arting!
  • If you are Jenafer Joy SUPERFAN and sign up for everything that I offer - this is a delightfully economical way to continue your inspiration immersion. All my new offerings will be included with the Library subscription- so you won't miss a thing.  Plus offerings that aren't for sale anywhere else are included like hidden bon bons in the Mini Inquiries section of your subscriber Library.
  • If you are an experienced painter/journaler/collage artist, I guarantee that you'll find my approach unique.  If you are brand new to art then rest assured I'll take you step by step into a whole new world of powerful playful self inquiry!
Money Back Guarantee. Sign Up for Immediate Access.

"Jenafer Joy’s Approach is by far the lightest and the deepest method I have experienced. She leads gently but firmly, engaging even my grumpiest parts in the game. A rare gift! Solo divers are welcome and secure a safe space of private witnessing with her gentle, witty guidance. But she also maintains group energy incredibly well, strengthening synergies and supporting each one of us as if we were truly unique to her and in the world. I have been relying on Jenafer for my own balance for quite some time now, and she keeps surprising me, with her creativity, with her amazing cultural, spiritual & psychological information, and also with her true generosity of spirit. Dear Jena, hope you know that I wholeheartedly, (and wholebrainly) appreciate you!!!!!" - Anna

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When you register you'll have immediate access to a Full Library of Courses:
+ Full Circle (2019) $130
+ Allegorical (2019) $147
+ Brave (2019) $147
+ Daring (2019) $147
+ Rebel Rules (2018) $47
+ Focus (2018) $17
+ Call Honor Ask Communing Process (2018) $17
+ Touchstone Painting (2017) $77
+ #28Poems (2017) $28
+ Time Bender Painting (2017) $97
+ True Story Painting (2017) $47
+ Retrieve Story Walking the Myth of Inanna (2015) $77
+ Inner Monsters (2014) $47
+ SkyMagic Astrology (2015) $275
+ Mystic Tune Up Tarot Course (2015) $250
+ Faces of the Moon (2014) $120
+ Rattle the Lids Painting (2014) $47
+ Ongoing Mini Inquiries (2014-present) $500+
And more...
That's a mighty Inspiring library for $27/mo! Register

All your favorites and all my new offerings will be included in the Inspired Inquiries Subscription!

2020 Planned Additions

+ Inner Lands Shamanic Journey Series

+ 1 or 2 New Story Walking Journal Courses

+ Muse of Magic Painting Course

+ 10+ mini inquiries

All my courses have a 100% money back guarantee. if you don't love it during the first month, I'll refund your payment, no questions asked.

And, if after some months, you find you aren't using the subscription and decide to cancel, you can apply your payments to date towards the permanent purchase of any of the courses you'd like to use at a later date.

I've intentionally kept my supply list limited. There are sometimes specific supplies for an individual course. But if you gather the list below, you're over 90% there! Parentheses include the specific product I used. Of course, substitute what you have on hand if it's not in your budget to buy these!

  • Journal with thick paper (Canson XL Mix Media Pads 9×12)
  • Watercolor pencils in a short rainbow of colors (I strongly recommend the Inktense brand)
  • Thick Waterproof Pen (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Brush Nib in Black) Sharpies work great too. You might toss in the White Sakura Gelly Roll Regular Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm as well.
  • Assorted smaller size brushes (Da Vinci Junior Series 303 and 304 – sizes 1, 6, 8 & 10)
  • Acrylic Paint in a short rainbow- red, yellow, blue, black, brown & white (Golden Fluid Acrylics in Cadmium Red Medium, Hansa Yellow Medium, Cobalt Turquoise, Raw Umber, Bone Black, & Titanium White.)
  • Matte Medium (I recommend using the Liquitex Matte Medium)
  • Magazines or Patterned papers, book pages, photos, odds and end images in a collage "stash". (I use my New Yorker subscription)
  • Plus from around the house: Paper for journaling, sharp ballpoint pen for journaling & transfer, magazine, scissors, old credit card for spreading matte medium, water.
  • On occasion - access to a printer to print out black and white images on plain paper.

I listed the specific art materials on:  

"I am in tears here!  Your courses have been so enjoyable for me, which is why I return to them over and over.  My very favorite was the Tarot based one Mystic Tune Up, Time Bender, Faces of the Moon.... all of them!! They literally have changed my life."

"Jena is a muse pied piper, as if museness flows from her and just draws everyone along…. pure magic."

"I simply love all of your prompts/ videos/ classes I have participated in! I LOVE that they are short & sweet and get right to the point, yet they are SO PROFOUND!"

includes beautiful diverse experiences like:

questions? email me at [email protected]


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