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I'm offering this sweet set up because I want to make it SO EASY for you to drop into conversation with yourself... whenever you need it! Little arty bites or deep paint splashing dives. 5 minute quickies or weeklong immersions. I'm imagining you with a drawer full of art supplies ready, showing up when you like for however much time you have.

The new Jenafer Joy Library Subscription will give you access to an evolving smorgasbord of  potent life changing topics guaranteed to get you percolating. All at a price point that gives you equal permission to streak your way through a storywalking adventure one weekend and permission to not even open your art journal another week. I'm imagining ridiculously abudant, guilt free, arting!

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Starting your library subscription in August adds these courses: A Daring Tale, Allegorical, Feisty, Siren Song of Self Care, SkyMagic Astrology and Mystic Tune Up. Plus access to a delicious assortment of quick prompts from the archives!

"I gotta say… although I have done a ton of personal exploration art process stuff over many years and led this kind of work myself your courses are just perfect for me right now. Absolutely perfect! Your work is providing an ideal structure for me to meet myself in some new and extremely helpful and surprising ways. I’m really grateful for what you offer." - SL

If you're new to Inspired Inquiries, let me take a moment to say that I have SO many powerful courses that I've created over the last five years. Short courses that will take you an afternoon, deliciously long courses that you can stride through day after day. Playful poetry prompts that require no supplies. Fairy Tale Story Walking courses in a larger than life journal. Paintings on large and small canvas. Tarot, Astrology, Moon Cycles...

Once you set up your subscription you will find an evolving smorgasboard waiting for you.  Use your creative practice time to pick and play among any of the courses included and enjoy new adventures as they are added each quarter.

When you register today for you'll have immediate access to:

  • A Daring Tale: StoryWalking the Little Mermaid (live now with 6 additional prompts per week) value of $147
  • Allegorical: A Story Process (live now with two new prompts each week) value of $197
  • Feisty: Meet your Fairy Guide painting course (from 2018) value of $125
  • Siren Song of Self Care (2017) $17
  • SkyMagic Astrology - the Summer Archetypes (from 2015) value of $275
  • Mystic Tune Up: Story Walking the Tarot (from 2015) value of $250


That's access to over $1000 of Jenafer Joy courses for $27/mo.

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100% money back guarantee.

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"I am in tears here!  Your courses have been so enjoyable for me, which is why I return to them over and over.  My very favorite was the Tarot based one Mystic Tune Up, Time Bender, Faces of the Moon.... all of them!! They literally have changed my life." R

As long as your subscription remains active you'll retain access to the summer courses listed above plus as your subscription continues you'll find the following additional courses automatically added to your library in the coming seasons. (Over $2500 in courses.)

Fall Additions

+New Full Circle Collage
+Call Honor Ask (2018)
+ Time Bender (2017)
+ Retrieve (2015)
+ SkyMagic Fall (2015)
+ Inner Monsters (2014)

Winter Additions

+New Story Walking
+ Feisty (2018)
+ Focus (2018)
+Time Bender (2017)
+ SkyMagic Wtr (2015)
+Faces of the Moon (2014)

Spring Additions

 +New Muse of Magic Course
+Brave (2019)
+ Rebel Rules (2018)
+Touchstone (2016)
+ SkyMagic Spring (2015)
+Rattle the Lids (2015)

100% money back guarantee. if you don't love it during the first month, I'll refund your payment, no questions asked.

And, if after some months you find you aren't using the subscription and decide to cancel, you can apply your payments to date towards the permanent purchase of any of my courses. 

ready to give it a go?

"Jena is a muse pied piper, as if museness flows from her and just draws everyone along…. pure magic." AF


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