Collage isn't just about making pretty art. It is deep access to the genius of your own intuition.

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Can I please please please show you a new way to do collage?

Collage one of my favorite tools for getting new information. Instead of forcing preconceived visions onto the page, you can enter a dialogue with synchronicity. Like a journey of active imagination or a modern day shamanic visioning - the flip snip paste helps you enter a state of curiosity and epiphany. This style of oracle collage is meant to be quick, easy and powerful. Skip the trite words and shellacked images and instead engage the muse of collage in the real questions of your life.

I created this seven part series SYNTHESIS to highlight some of my favorite tips and tricks for applying Intentional Creativitytm to the collaging process.

You'll need a stack of magazines for these 15 minute sessions.  We'll claim your context, define the conversation, develop an action plan, then focus, decode and synthesize what has emerged. I'm going to share the way I use collage games to help you enter the flow state as well as some of my specific collage tips. There's nothing I want more than to revolutionize your collage practice!

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What participants are saying:

"I love collage and have been experiencing it's magic for years. Your tips and tricks are incredibly refreshing."

"This is like a little bon bon with a juicy cherry for a Sunday afternoon! Yum!"

"Truly this course was a bright spot for me to focus on and process during a big life shift. Easy to follow. Very enjoyable to do."

Click play below to preview lesson five. The full course includes seven lessons each with different tips and musings.


Frequently Asked

The classes I offer are indefinite access.  Simply log into your library 24/7 to find all your Inspired Inquiries!  Work through the process as many times as you'd like.

This is a short 7 prompt course that you could do in a couple hours or spread over a week.  Whatever works for you and your life. I highly recommend completing the full series - the final synthesis step is the most magical!

I try to keep my supply list limited and the same for all my courses. So once you invest you can keep playing. As you might expect, this one requires basic collage supplies

  • Scissors & glue (a basic glue stick is fine)
  • A pile of magazines or your image stash. (I use the New Yorker because they are abundant and eclectic.) Five to seven magazines should be sufficient pickings.
  • You'll also want a Waterproof Black Pen (I love the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Fine Nib) Sharpies work okay too.
  • A waterproof white pen is optional but delicious on dark surfaces - I like both the White Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens and the Sakura Gelly Roll Regular Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm

"I have used collage in art and for dreamboards but I have not used it for intuitive work like this. Spot on! I really enjoyed this novel approach. The dialogue between the collage and myself was deep and very helpful."



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