Story Walking the Tale of the Little Mermaid
An Art Journal Journey with Jenafer Joy
Emotions, Bravery and Longing

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In the course of ten chapters get ready to explore a deepwater tale of your daring tail. We’ll be using the storymap of the Little Mermaid but instead of simply flipping through the pages and following the exact story (which would mean kissing marble statues and dying unrequited as sea foam for goodness sake), instead we’re going to really siiiiiink into each inquiry in the sequence of scenes: starting with the deep watery world of the castle of home (sometimes know as “please stay the same”) into the choppy waters of our longings...

We’ll spend some time at the terrifying crossroads where the seawitch offers change in exchange for the very thing which you have been unwilling to barter. And we’ll get to know the far shimmering shores of our heart’s most daring dreamscape.

We’ll be using an ongoing muse-approved combination of painting, watercolor pencils, writing and collage to excavate our desires and explore our watery depths from every angle.

We’re going to be gentle. And curious. And persistent.

Your intuition already knows the terrain we’re wading into. Water is connected to emotions, fluidity, change, release. It is one of the most powerful forces. And the mermaid has genius at bridging ordinary and non-ordinary worlds ~ a perfect way we can gently let our soul to speak to us and bring forward what has been unconscious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All my art techniques are actually tricks to make you forget that you are doing something as high fallutin as making art and instead get you to just start playing.  Collage requires more glue than skill. Haiku requires that you can count to seven. Let the currents show you the way and I guarantee that - like every other student that has taken this journey - you're going to be blown away by what you created. And even more important you're going to be blown away by the truths that the images represent.

This course has 10 chapters. Each one is composed of 6 short prompts with art and reflection. You could triple underline your commitment to art and dedicate 15 minutes each day and complete the journey in 10 weeks. You could binge on a few chapters and then rest or you could trust a turtle pace and take a bite whenever you'd like. For you rabbit paced folks, the course will be fully accessible by the end of August.

  • Yep, I really recomment that BIG journal (specifically the Canson XL Mix Media in 14×17: here) You can certainly use a regular size journal and span two pages (though it feels different when you give yourself room!)
  • You need all my general art supplies HERE. Note that the paint isn't as important in this series so feel free to use what you have.
  • Optional but fun for this series is a couple stencils in a water pattern. Some from ArtistCellar or go peek at your local art store.

I originally delivered this course in 2014 and the experience was potent and playful. I'm looking forward to refilming the segments to make them accessible to you. Have a peek at the first groups creations:


So if you are willing to say OH YES PLEASE to a practice of showing up to let your own soul to speak to you, if you are willing to get messy in your journal and take some long deep diving looks at your life, I do hope you'll add this experience to your library. And then carve out the real time to move through the process.


"Stepping onto the StoryWalking path with Jenafer Joy is to take a richer, wilder, far more enlightening journey than Alice ever dreamed possible when she slipped down that rabbit hole! This is a don’t miss opportunity for fun, artful adventure, and self-discovery like no other you’ll ever take! "

"Anima means soul with a female form. In mythology it is expressed as a siren, a mermaid, a wood-nymph... In ancient times, the anima came represented either as a goddess or a witch – that is, aspects of the female which were out of [society’s] control... She does not care for an orderly life, but wants intensity of experience - life, in whatever form. The anima, like all archetypes, may come upon us like fate. She can enter our life either as something wonderful or as something terrible – either way her aim is to wake us up. To recognize the anima means throwing away our rational ideas of how life should be lived, and instead admitting, as Jung puts it, that “Life is crazy and meaningful at once”. The anima is profoundly irrational – and yet she carries great wisdom. When she comes into your life it may seem like chaos, but it is only later that we are able to divine her purpose.”

Source: Tom Butler-Bowdon on The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung

Yikes right? We’ll be fine! ish. Well the soul will be fine, even if some of our lame everyday agreements come falling down & breaking apart! Ahem. Never mind. Pretend I didn’t say anything!

Come in, the water is fine

“Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave 'til it gets to shore. You need more help than you know.” - Rumi

"Taking these classes stimulates my creativity in ways I never thought possible. After taking your class, I look back in awe at the work I have done and feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride. The classes get my creative juices flowing and at times I feel like my cup runneth over and over, and over! "


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