"They would each and every one of them love your work if we can just get them to try it."

Hello there lovely! So glad you're here. I may not really know you yet, but here's what I'm already guessing is true:

  • You're creative, either with a specific art form or the art of living.
  • You are introspective...and quite clear that  honest self reflection is a vital and ongoing practice.
  • You know life to be magical, or if not "magic", unbearably beautiful. 
  • You've made enough of the rounds of all sorts of self improvement classes books etc that you know that if it's not fun and engaging, it's just not worth your time.

✨ What I'd love you to find out about me is these deeply satisfying Inspired Inquiries courses I've created for you.  Each journey is SO worth your time and will feed your soul - both your need for creative play and for powerful self reflective conversation...✨


So basically, I'm here to ask you to step in 👣 with me and give this art journaling thing a try! I'm confident that if you do, you'll love it. Seems that creative intuitive magical folks try my approach they naturally just want to keep walking and walking and then we get to become long time storywalking friends! Are you game? 

 To get started you are going to need: a journal with thick paper, some watercolor pencils, collage supplies of magazines, scissors & glue, and a waterproof pen. If you want my specific list with links, I made this pdf for you. Click the image to download...

Here's a little sample of videos to give you a taste of what's it's like to play in your journal with me. Give them a watch or give them a try:


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