"They would each and every one of them love your work if we can just get them to try it."

Hello there lovely! I may not really know you yet, but here's what I'm already guessing is true:

  • You're creative, either with a specific art form or the art of living.
  • You are introspective...and quite clear that regardless of age, honest self reflection is a vital and ongoing practice.
  • You know life to be magical, or if not "magic", unbearably beautiful. 
  • You've made enough of the rounds of all sorts of self improvement classes books etc that you know that if it's not fun and engaging, it's just not worth your time.

✨ What I'd love you to find out about me is these deeply satisfying Story Walking courses I've created for you.  Each journey is SO worth your time and will feed your soul - both your need for creative play and for powerful self reflective conversation...✨


So basically, I'm here to ask you to step in 👣 with me and give this a Storywalking thing a try! I'm confident that if you do, you'll love it. Seems that creative intuitive magical women try this approach and they naturally just want to keep walking and walking and then we get to become long time fairy tale friends! Are you game? 

To get started on this complimentary short class you are going to need: a journal with thick paper, some watercolor pencils, collage supplies of magazines, scissors & glue, and a waterproof pen. If you want my specific list with links, I made this pdf for you. Click the image to download... 👇

Once you've got a journal, watercolor pencils, pen and collage stuff... go ahead and begin. You can  add it to your library now or start by scrolling down and clicking the knock knock video.

Proceed prompt by prompt, fast or slow. This class was originally delivered daily over three weeks but you can take the 21 prompts at whatever pace that works for you...

00: Knock Knock

01: At the Gate

You'll want a couple watercolor pencils (blue and black are great) some water and brush and a willingness to surrender for this opening prompt! There's a knocking at the gate, shall we let her in?

Instructions: Enter an altered space by drawing the gate with your dominant hand, and the storm with your other. Then sketch in the bedraggled form of the princess. Finish by adding water to the watercolor.

02: The Test

How will we be able to tell if this bedraggled form is a real princess? We need a test!

Instructions: Trim her out and wake her up. You're ripping out thirteen pages from a random magazine and she's showing you exactly which pieces you should cut out.  When you have thirteen small images, let her pick three for herself and glue them onto her form...Trust it!

03: Lay Down

I'm not sure that we made the bed*, but regardless we'll lie in it! Are you ready to begin these excavations? Layer one - The physical body.
Instructions: Create a border to represent the first mattress and add the tag "physical body". Do a light sketch to place head, torso limbs and then (1) go head to toe connecting your drawing to your physical sensations. (2) repeat in a different color letting the Princess help you make adjustments and include energetic aspects. Finish with some watercolor activation with water. It won't likely look like you. But we want it to feel like you, yes? * "you made your bed, now lie in it"

04: Sore Spot

News flash: There's a "pea" in your "bed" and it's making you black and blue...

Instructions: Trim out the mattress. Pull the largest image from your envelope and cut a circle out of the image. The circle goes on the princess. Then use the spy hole to help you locate your official sore spot!

Flip the mattress, glue down the holed image and grab a black and blue pencil.  Dominant hand inquires, other hand responds. What can you glean from this area of your body?  Once you've fill the page let this body part put a single surprise word in the open spot...

05: Timeline

Mattress Two - What do you do?


  • Draw mattress two (with tab on RIGHT this time).
  • Look through your WIP envelope and find an image that represents something that you do daily and glue that down on the mattress as your starting point.
  • Whenever in the day you usually do that activity, begin there and then follow the thread through the rest of your day.  Fill the page with the thises and thats that make up your life. There's no need for anyone else to be able to "read" your glyphs, so just let it flow without lifting the pen!
  • Finish by letting the Princess color three items. Highlighting one in red, one in orange and one in yellow.
  • To be continued!

06: Just Right

You've got your sections marked RED ORANGE and YELLOW, yes? Then it's time to let the Princess decode the warnings:

If red means you're giving it "too much priority", orange is "just right" and yellow is "not enough priority"...what does that illuminate about how you've been approaching these three parts of the day? Your princess is ready to tell you.

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