a creative exploration of wellness

3 weeks of self inquiry at your own pace

Rebel Rules is about setting a container, defining a cycle, honoring our own rules and really listening.

We'll be meeting the Rule Maker and the Rule Breaker  and bridging their views into your unique Rebel Rules for Wellness.

well·ness /ˈwelnəs/ noun is defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

We all know that there are important building blocks for wellness: diet, hydration, exercise. And life enhancing additions like limiting screen time, regular creativity, rest, and that attitude of gratitude.

But what are the actions and goals that truly make the biggest difference to you? And how can you define wellness in a way that works for you?  You won't find your true priorities externally, you need to find them inside yourself. This journey is dedicated to claiming your own path.

If you've taken a course with me before, the format will be familiar. We'll be doing fast and furious writing, doodling and digging for connections, collaging in a couple different ways, word spelunking, self portraits in lines and in paint.

As always I'll be using all my favorite tricks to support you in asking the real questions so you can hear YOUR real answers. Our intention is that when you're complete, you'll  know - in your bones - your Rebel Rules.


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