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Welcome to Inspired Inquiries
I'm Jenafer Joy

There are TONS of courses out there for art. But what we're most interested in here is sparking is a conversation.

Specifically a conversation between you and your deep smart parts.

Whether in a journal or on the canvas, art is a powerful tool and a powerful container for asking and exploring our important questions. It doesn’t take tons of time to dig in and get new information. And what we uncover changes everything - our direction, our outlook, the whole story we're telling ourselves.

Collage, paint, watercolor, doodling. In all my courses we're reaching for quirky muse-inspiring ways to short circuit repetitive boring critical thoughts so you can swish, slip, and jump tracks into the motherlode of your own intuitive guidance. 

"Jena's Focus Class did just what you'd expect. Through clever ways of sneaking up on soul information, I quickly gained insight into my hidden subconscious priorities. What fun and what surprises awaited !"

"I really enjoyed how the process was self-guided and that I could moderate it's completion according to my own schedule. That was a huge relief and allowed me to be more present when it came time to complete a new step. "

"As with all of Jenafer’s courses, there’s a richness that’s real world practical and another that’s so metaphysical it will break open doors long bolted, release energies and bring messages from spirit I thought had long ago gone to dust. "

Never Done A Course with Me?

These are my top choices today!

Finding Your True Priority

$17.00 USD

Happy 2018! I spent an inordinate amount of time in the last 3 months sitting in my car waiting out nap time. Mend...

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Rattle The Lids

$60.00 USD

Rattle The Lids is a bold painting series on a smaller canvas. It's composed of ten steps to walk you through an insp...

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Mystic Tune Up

$250.00 USD

Whatever your relationship with the Tarot, whether you’ve been using it daily for decades or never cracked a de...

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Here's what I know:

People who decide to jump in and try my Inspired Inquiries courses come back again and again. They love this quirky playful approach. They love that the prompts are quick but deep. They love having real conversations with themselves and making art on a regular basis!

If you sign up for anything that I offer and you don't love it, I'll give you a full refund, with blessings.


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