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I'm super excited about this eight night course focused on really listening to your dreams with intention.  You'll be asking your  most pressing answer and documenting your soul's oracle answer. 

I love dream time
And I find
when I pay more attention to it
It pays more attention to me.

Perfect for Day of the Dead

In this simple but powerful painting experience we'll start with a photo of your kin/dred spirit and discover and distill a personal message. Add to your permanent library for $17.  No one turned away for lack of funds.

Add to your Library for $17

Perfect for Halloween

An extra playful 4 week art journaling course focused on inner monsters, rants, rules & relationship reworks. Created in 2014 this 28 prompt series gives your inner truths strange talkative faces.

Available through 10/31.

Free 30 day Access

"Thank you so much. I LOVE your courses and really gain so much knowledge: from the way you present, to the information you include, to what I glean from my work. I adore that it does not require me to sit for 15-minutes to an hour. I can jump in & go forth fast. Plus I am amazed at your musical selection. So thank you for being inspired to inspire others! "

Free Art Prompts, Musings from the Journey
& Peeks at the Creative Process.

The Inspired Inquiries Blog Series

Even without consciously telling myself "Hey! Day of the Dead and all that!" I notice that as this season turns, and I step two feet into October, my thoughts organically turn towards those who have come before and those who have walked on. I find it so striking that the veils actually are thin in this season. That poetic seasonal themes wrap around a natural intuitive inclination.

In honor of this urge to honor, I created a short painting process for communing with Kindred Spirits - both kin and kin by claim.


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