About Jena aka Jenafer Joy

Hi! 👋

So, I have been creating online art classes for, wow, over 20 years now. My courses aren't focused so much on technique as inquiry. My intention is to connect you quickly and powerfully to your own information!  That means I serve up a playful game of a prompt with a short list of supplies, get you rolling in the flow with some good music and drop you off at your journal or canvas.

If there was one word that could be my rally cry it would be intuition. Why intuition? Intuition is one of those concepts that everyone nods at and mmmhmmms about but when you start to follow your own intuition, I mean really follow it, you're down the rabbit hole of the imaginal. Symbol, Poetry, Metaphor, Dream, Glyphs. This is the language of personal magic. This is the language of soul and self.

So, if that person at the grocery store wants to know what I do, I can casually say I teach art classes online. But between you an me, what I really teach is connection with the thrum of your own wild magic. I teach it in paint, I teach it in watercolor pencil and I especially teach it with collage - which is the most free range playful version of divination I've found...

I look forward to circling up with you and leaping down the rabbit hole!