Inner Monsters

An extra playful 4 week art journaling course focused on inner monsters, rants, rules & relationship reworks.


There was a song when I was growing up on the "Free to Be You And Me" record and the line was "Jenafer Joy made a toy". I listened to that album a lot as a kid but had no recollection of that specific reference until someone asked me if my nom de plume was from that song.

I hope so.  My biggest hope is that each of my courses is the toy that delights you to distraction while it walks you right into bigger, deeper, weirder personal truths.

This course - which I created waaaaaay back in 2014 is a remarkably inventive & silly game.  It's grounded in doodling and letting your inner truths have strange talkative faces. If you're new to art journaling it's also a wonderful way to play with all my regular supplies: watercolor pencils, paint, collage. There are great little tips slipped in throughout the video prompts.

This one would be a great one to do with kids. Or to do with yourself when you need to remember what it's like to be a kid lost in your own world of play.

  • There are 28 prompts in this series – originally delivered over 4 weeks. Take a bite a day or proceed as fast or slow as you’d like!
  • Supplies are same as general supply list HERE.
  • Click play above to watch a silly little invitation video.



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