I was chatting with a friend this week and we were both saying how we are really enjoying in person gatherings again. I so believe that being together in conversation is the way we survive and thrive through all of the trials and tribulations in life.  Even though my business is 100% online I got inspired to offer ways for you to gather friends together in person and to have real conversations with one another. An art day - with an inquiry that sparks honest self reflection and invites witness is perfect! Think book club but arty.

If there are interest in these I'll be happy to keep creating them for you. No charge, just let your guests know where you found it. And if you have questions I'm delighted to expand on any aspect. - Jena 🤲

A role your own art day with an easy all levels Inspired Inquiry

"What do my hands reach for?"

Click handout image to download as a pdf 

Provide for each participant or have them bring:

  • a magazine, scissors, glue stick
  • waterproof pen
  • large piece of paper that can fit both hands or bring their own journals.

Notes & Musings from Jena

  • This event will have a relatively shorter arting time (likely a half hour to an hour of actual art) but will still be satisfying to people at all levels of experience (they need only trace their hands and collage) and because it's short it leaves lots of room for chatting before during and after!
  • I'd recommend you not tell them the phrases for the parts of the hands until they finish the collage so it's truly a surprise and they're not trying to make the collage match what they want the answer to be!  So you'd read step one and give them a time frame (15 or 20 minutes) and then provide the handout. Depending on whether your guests are experienced with working with symbols they may need some help with creating their sentences based on the images in their collage. You could ask someone with experience to share a couple examples or have everyone do what they can and then ask for the group to help. If the guests gathered know each other you might have them walk around and look at everyone's page and share what they see. Or if you want to keep the sharing shorter you could close the art part of the day by just going around the circle and have everyone share what feels most striking.
  • Aesthetically speaking, I'm not sure that I like the sentence writing on the page. You might have your guests write the full sentences in the right palm print instead.
  • If your guests are versed in astrology, you could having them create/adjust their  phrases. I based the hand map on what I know of the planets but someone who loves astrology might have a different sentence that resonates more!  You can see the planet symbols at the base of the fingers on the handout. Plus the thumb was designated as "will power" which I translated to I Make.
  • Just like a book club, an art day is best with good snacks. You can expand on the theme with a wide variety of offerings. Maybe even including pickles and surprise additions. Use the food to continue the inquiry - what do their hands actually reach for?

This prompt is a part of  my yearlong  Course


Navigator was developed in tandem with Maverick, an Intentional Creativity painting class by Shiloh Sophia, (Find all her courses at www.musea.org). This prompt was inspired by her sharing in month four about her grandmother's question "What do your hands naturally reach for?"

Watch the two part video prompts for an overview of the flow. And feel free to email me [email protected] if you have questions about any aspect.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

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