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Welcome, I'm Jenafer Joy!

My goal with every single inspired inquiry is to kick start your intuition into giving up juicy true "here's what's next" instructions. I keep my prompts pointed and potent, as short as a good song, so you know that even when you only have 15 minutes, there is time to leap into your journal for a heart to heart conversation with yourself.

I have free art along experiences and mini inspired inquiries when you set up your library. But the SPECIALTY here on Inspired Inquiries is an art journal practice that I call Story Walking.

When we step into a Story Walking course, instead of reading a myth, fairy tale, or story, we use our art journals to explore the scenes and themes of the tale as they refract through our personal life. Who are the step sisters in your narrative? What does the doll in your pocket tell you to do today, in your ordinary waking world? When we engage the imaginal realms, our intuition suddenly starts spouting genius instructions!

Each quarter I gather a circle of women to step into a new story. We show up as we are and, using the art journal as our path, we walk the lines of the story – getting our feet in the questions, getting the dusty inquiries in our hair! Previous adventures included Vasalisa the Brave, Princess and the Pea, For the Love of Salt, The Little Mermaid, and more.

We'd love you to join us for the next round!

"I’m so happy to be in your class again – you are a muse pied piper, as if muse-ness flows from you and just draws everyone with you… magic." Rebecca


"I’m so happy to be in your class again – you are a muse pied piper, as if muse-ness flows from you and just draws everyone with you… magic." Rebecca


image above from the ugly duckling

"Taking these courses stimulates my creativity in ways I never thought possible. After taking each class, I look back in awe at the work I have done and feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride. The classes get my creative juices flowing and at times I feel like my cup runneth over and over, and over!"


image above from princess and the pea

"Jena– I just want to tell you how much I love your courses! The videos are so fun and full of exciting creative ideas to inspire me and get me going in my art journal. I look forward to each of your prompts and it is so doable. My muse is real happy. My intuition is lighting up."

Love, Allison

image above from vasalisa the brave

“Thank you again Jena for everything that you do. Your prompts are deep...but doable. It's like you're holding up the lantern to light the path and I can see my way in and my way out. So then I can just focus on the deepness and explore what's there. You Rock!!!”


Stepping onto the path with Jenafer Joy is to take a richer, wilder, far more enlightening journey than Alice ever dreamed possible when she slipped down that rabbit hole! This is a don’t miss opportunity for fun, artful adventure, and self-discovery like no other you’ll ever take! - Gloria