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now is a perfect time for emotioning

Connecting allying and color coding emotions! You'll need a rainbow of colored pencils and a random magazine if you want to art along...or just watch and listen:


"I really appreciate your heart opening, mind bending, creativity driven method of teaching and art!"

Hello Beauty. Jenafer Joy Here.

What wild waves we are riding together.  Clearly these times require all of our creativity, focus and flexibility! In addition to lumping (sitting around like a lump) I'm finding Intentional Creativity to be such a gift for resourcing myself and reconnecting with the juicy inventive parts of myself.

If you're looking to get inspired and loosened up, I have an ongoing library subscription that gives you access to all the potent playful art courses here on Inspired Inquiries.  There are  short three parters that take 15 minutes, some that are a beautiful guided journey deep into the wild woods designed to span months.

The subscription is already priced incredibly reasonably. But if you can't right now (I feel you!) you'll find a 45 day free option and also a half off for three month option. I'm honored to be of service:


Thank you again Jena  for everything that you do. Your prompts are deep...but doable. You know how sometimes you know you're going to go deep and it's a bit overwhelming. Your prompts, I know I'm going to go deep....but it's like you're holding up the lantern to light the path. I can see my way in and my way out. So then I can just focus on the deepness and explore what's there.  It becomes succulent and luscious instead of "GAH!! What am I doing here?!? Where's the emergency exit?!?"  You Rock!!!


Playful. Quick. Powerful.

What participants say:

"Thank you so much. I LOVE your courses and really gain so much knowledge: from the way you present, to the information you include, to what I glean from my work. I adore that it does not require me to sit for 15-minutes to an hour. I can jump in & go forth fast. Plus I am amazed at your musical selection. So thank you for being inspired to inspire others!"


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