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once a week. quick and fun. no excuses

Hey there! Jenafer Joy here. Zip Zap Creatrix of Inspired Inquiries. Instead of head lolling extended 'talking abouts', I'm all about getting right to tromping in your journal, asking juicy questions and laughing at the antics of intuition's answers. My art prompts are the antithesis of a 2 hour zoom meeting. A full wild ride that's just the length of a 3-5 min song...all cued up to take you along!

If you're new around here (or a very distracted lurker) you may not know that I offer a super sweet Become A Storywalker subscription ($47/month) that gives abundant access to my epic magical signature fairytale storywalking experiences. But my Storywalks are longer journeys (10-13 weeks) and I've been hearing that your days just aren't up for that kind of daily commitment!

You want something that you can jump into... when you randomly wake up at 3 am, or your partner/kid/other leaves you alone in the house for an hour. You want to be able to make a quick cup of cocoa, pull out your art bag from wherever you hid it, extract your journal, watercolor pencils and those magazines you stole from the dentist, and step your cute slippered feet into something that will instantly and completely remind you of who you are and what's actually important. 


you want fun 
you want revealing
you want efficient 
not too expensive 
(of course) effective


I hear you. I also want this for you!

In fact that's why I've created this offering just for you...

Register now and you'll find an ongoing parade of prompts making a snail paced migration towards you. 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌

There will be a new Quick Bite video prompt waiting for you at the end of every week. Just a few minutes of instructions designed to take you somewhere new and true. Commit to  fifteen minutes in your journal and I guarantee those pages will reward you with something you really need to see for yourself.

A once a week date is the main premise and promise of Bite Me. But it's really quite likely that it's going to be so good, you're going to want more! So for those kismet days when you find yourself with an hour to yourself or (gasp) a whole afternoon to play, you'll also find an expanding library of my best stand-alone prompts and mini series from the archives.


A creative cornucopia. A buffet of bites! Just for you. Yes? Such a yes.

Register now to Open the Door with Bite One. Plus find a powerful pile of prompts I pulled from my archives.

 Sound good? Good.



Commit to putting your butt in the chair and telling yourself the truth.
Even when it bites.



every month

A new πŸ‰ quick bite πŸ‰ every week plus an expanding library of powerful prompts you can dig into whenever you catch a minute to yourself. (You've got wifi service in the closet right?)


one time


for the year

Grab a whole year of inspired inquiry with both your hands. βœ‹πŸ€š

No need to reconcile all those measly monthly charges. Plus hey, two months free.


If you aren’t completely
satisfied after a month, 
I'll give you a full refund.
Like dating, if we're not a good fit
it's way better to just call it off!

Pssst. If your deep smart parts WANT IT ALL: all these weekly bites plus full immersion into the frankly life-changing instructions of fairytale birds, spoons and castles, you can add in the "Become a Storywalker" subscription during check out and claim a robust personal practice. Supplies for both subscriptions are the same. But give me a few months and you won't be...the same.

I highly recommend both. Scroll back up the page and choose either monthly or one time payment, then on the checkout page click the box to become a storywalker too. πŸ™Œ

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