Fear to Faith

Jun 05, 2020

We're going to use three simple drawings to explore fear, faith, feelings, freedom and what arises when we are present in our centers.


Draw three simple four petaled flowers. And connect each flower with actual experiences:

  • Flower One: A personal upset (likely physical) that impacted your feminine center. (No need to pick a super intense one here.)
  • Flower Two: A collective event (Covid or Black Lives Matter?)
  • Flower Three: A Positive change that you are considering

Then using your watercolor pencil, move use adding of color to each section to connect and name the truths that are there. Color with your non dominant hand and write with your dominant hand. Try to do both at the same time as much as you can.

  • Bottom petal: Connect and name with the physical experience of the fear
  • Top petal: Name the longing that is connected to this experience
  • Left petal: Feel and name what it's like to be stuck in fear in this event
  • Right petal: Feel and name what a creative free response might be like
  • Center: What arises in the center

May you be creative and powerful in taking aligned action towards positive change.