Fool Hardy (Three Videos)

Apr 01, 2020

All you'll need for this first foolhardy leap is a magazine, scissors and glue. (Watch video above).

Second Step. Grab that magazine and your scissors and let's head out on a treasure hunt. (Don't glue those 9 circles down. We're revisiting them in part 3.)

Third Step: You just need glue and gumption for this final leap!

Post Script

Okay. I've got to laugh at invoking the Fool and then trying to be correct!  Those three circles? I was - delightfully - mostly wrong in my translations.

As I went through my days I saw the broom show up where it was important to pay attention (not just for clearing). I saw the patterns in a new project that I wouldn't have anticipated. And the glass took on a whole different meaning after an unexpected experience.

Stay open and in conversation. The Fool has information for you!