PEEK A painting process for communing


Even without consciously telling myself "Hey! Day of the Dead and all that!" I notice that as this season turns, and I step two feet into October, my thoughts organically turn towards those who have come before and those who have walked on. I find it so striking that the veils actually are thin in this season. That poetic seasonal themes wrap around a natural intuitive inclination.  

In honor of this urge to honor, I created this short process for communing with Kindred Spirits - both kin and kin by claim. I wanted a process that was basic - for beginners and advanced painters - so that the focus could  be on listening instead of any technical aspect.

What I didn't expect is that the process would be so powerful personally.  That my own ancestors would be right there and accessible- with such distinct personalities and with messages that that make me cry (and cry again every time I edit the video!) 

I can't wait for you to try it.  Here's a speed through...

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Art Along Experience: The Tower from the Mystic Tune Up

There is nothing better than the freedom of being flung from the rigid stand you were taking. It's a bit bumpy...but better!

Even if you aren't up for arting along right now, I would highly recommend listening to the Miracle Road talk that's included.

Mystic Tune Up is one of my most favorite extended journal courses. (Turns out I was a smarty pants while pregnant with Hazel!) In this class we take a creative pass through the Tarot and the evolutionary sequence of the Major Arcana. Each "week" has a delicious diverse selection of prompts based on the themes, inherent inquiries and the gestalt of the card at hand. Videos, audio recordings, and simple written instructions alternate through the 160 prompts in this 22 card series.  This course is available in DIVE: Inspired Inquiry Immersion

There's no way to find out what messages you'll receive without flinging yourself into the experience! Let's jump.

Which Tower is the right tower from which to be flung? We’re faced...

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PEEK The story of an underpainting

Yesterday I sent off an old "canvas friend" to her new home.  My daughter (almost 3) very sweetly kissed her goodbye.

I'm so happy that she'll be in a new home but I really am going to miss her. She's been a work in process since (this is shocking to me) 2010.

I had been thinking I would be slowly working on her this year as a backdrop of my Siren Series but once she became a mermaid she moved quickly to completion

The underpainting was created during Legend in 2010. Leading a Legendary Life is the core Cosmic Cowgirls curriculum. You paint a larger than life painting, write a mini adventure story and explore your own poetic landscape.  Here's the under painting:

Here's me dressed for the part

And here's the story I wrote


Everything was grey. Tansy looked down at her hands.  They were wrapped around the nondescript coffee mug so tightly that even her skin looked grey in patches. Outside the jackhammer paused for a single breath and then started...

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AUDIO "Can I Trust Life? " A Juicy Excerpt

An hour long call excerpted from
SkyMagic: The Art & Magic of Astrology
Enjoy this Going Deeper Talk & Meditation with Laura Tabet



It is my intention today that you receive exactly what you need to from this talk and these meditations. I hope that you have an embodied experience of Venus and allow for some healing and movement in the realm of love, trust and connection. Today we are going to be looking at Venus as a supply of love and the basic principle of trust and goodness in our relationship to self and other.

Venus we come to you with the intention to restore our full connection to you. Today I ask you to shine your wisdom through the clouds of grief, pain, self-hatred, and all the various lies we have learned along the way about loving and being loved. We raise our hearts up to you for healing and make ourselves present and open for magic.

We are going to explore the balance of aliveness and spaciousness in the body and the idea...

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9/26 NEWSLETTER: Fall asks for an Immersion into Truth. DIVE!

New Immersion Course with Epic Access starts Monday.
Plus the potent "Off the Hook" course is available for free during October.
I was down in the Bay Area this last week for my art reception* and was struck by the poetry of fall leaves stuck to the bottom of my summer flip flops. The season has changed.

We're just past the Equinox
and it's time to come inside.
Inside the house, inside ourselves.
And my questions for you as we head into the season are these: This year, will make "you time" non negotiable? Will you make space for intimate and reflective conversation with yourself?  Will you offer up the blank canvas or journal page to messy epiphanies and course changing a-has?  And will you harness the introspective focus of the season and DIVE instead of being swept under?

Our souls - Especially in Fall - Crave Depth.
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MUSINGS: Inspiration begins with "Off with their Heads" ... and other Muse tactics

If you follow me on Instagram or by some magical algorithm see my Facebook posts then you know I've been hippity skippity filming through the FEISTY online painting course I'm producing for you.

The reason I chose to tackle fairies as our topic for Feisty is because they match the muse version of creative living. Feisty, fickle, f*ckityfudge. Which is to say that listening to your own fei Muse gets you into the right kind of trouble. Depending on the moment, you're likely to jump outside your comfort zone, kick that terrible habit/situation/person to the curb, or find that your true priorities are suddenly non negotiable. This painting workshop includes equal amount of canvas work and aha producing writing exercises. Of course, since I'm demoing, I'm doing it with you. And fairies are as oblique as any muse, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I wrote down the odd phrase as dictated by my feisty friend:

"We all might treat ourselves as royalty."

What does that mean?! I'm...

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8/23 NEWSLETTER Permission to skip to the good stuff

How do you spend your art time? Why do you make art? The biggest shortcut I take is that 7 times out of 10, when I'm creating a painting, I start by following the lines of a person in a photo. I coooooould be spending my art time teaching myself to draw by hand. But that part is a bit yawn for me. My favorite parts are playing with the paint as it layers on the canvas and finding the story that my developing character wants to share. So I jump right to those parts!

There are some seriously crazy ways to transfer images out there. Light machines, unwieldy tracing paper, a ridiculous technique where you lay down matte medium and then rub it away with water. Gracious, I don't want to spend my time doing any of that either! The easy peasy way is to use charcoal (esp on a canvas) or even colored pencil if you're in your journal:

Following the shape, choosing what to accent and what to adjust, feeling the grace of a curve, noticing the lift of a line - fun!

That video is from my longer...

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7/11 Newsletter: Courage of your Peculiarities + Art Show in Oakland!

"By the time one reaches a certain age, one should be able to have the courage of one's peculiarities." Anne Morrow Lindenbergh

I love creating art journaling courses because they are only sure fire way for me to hear what I'm trying to tell myself.

And in the midst* of our Rebel Rules journey that quote above stopped me in my tracks. Let's read it again:
"By the time one reaches a certain age, one should be able to have the COURAGE of one's PECULIARITIES."
What does it mean for you, for me, to have the courage of one's peculiarities? I love this question because it points to the places where our weaknesses and strengths converge. Like following the lines of your face in a line drawing (woah - where did all these lines come from?) there's a surrender to who you have always been and are becoming. And if you let it, a surrender to what you are not.

Momming an active 2.5 year old means that I'm sharply aware of...
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ART PROMPT: The Rule Maker


Hey again! As I've mentioned, Rebel Rules opens tomorrow and I'm giddy about it. I   wanted to share the opening prompt because it is deliciously informative, surprising and fun to do. I hope when you give it a go, you'll email me with what you learned!

Day One. Let's get this party started! So! During our three week cycle together we will be defining and refining our own set of rules for wellness. Previously I invited you to start to notice which habits are calling: those you are ready to start and those you are ready to stop. And now I want to you shake all that off and just LISTEN. We're going to invite a character onto the page who is a facet of our internal genius. We're calling this aspect the "Rule Maker" and I'd love you to get ready to be surprised by what they have to tell you. For today's start you'll need your journal, collage supplies and a sense of curiosity!

Summary: Intentionally call upon the "Rule Maker" to reveal themselves as you flip through a...

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Art Prompt: The Wild Woman


Creating an external representation of the Wild Woman, especially one that can point you to some new information, is always useful. If you are free with your doodling or painting, that would work. But I find that collages surprise me the most... What message might you find in 13 “random” images?

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