In medias res - in the middle of real life

Let's set the stage. Hubby & I are up against deadlines. The babysitter couldn't make it again today. My daughter is a cranktastic klingon because she's coming down with a cold. And wacky pms meant I ate a whole sheetpan of snickerdoodles (even though I don't eat wheat or sugar).

So when my daughter started to fall asleep on the couch I knew that this increasingly rare nap might just save all of our lives. 

Problem - she's on the couch, fully dressed sans diaper, a light sleeper and never makes it through a nap without peeing.

I've perfected my normal ninja diaper moves - tip, always put the tabs on the bottom no matter whether your kid is face up or face down - but this was a conundrum. No way were the leggings coming off and the nap continuing.

So I stole a slogan from Mommastrong and decided to Win Ugly.  Diaper on the outside of the leggings. Bam.

I was unreasonably proud of myself... I posted to Mommastrong in the daily thread. I was called a goddess.  I felt...

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