November Begins with NO

A couple weeks back I sent out a newsletter that claimed three of my favorite holidays are this week: Halloween, my daughter birthday (also 10/31) plus Day of the Dead.

But in my enthusiasm I forgot the fourth:

November first, the first day of
"November begins with No."

My friend Juju was the one who introduced this phrase to me. And every year the first day of November feels like an inhale of oxygen after you've been holding your breath too long. 

Here in California we don't get seasons in the same way as the rest of the country so I  need an intervention at this time. Something to say- Hey, woah there Nellie, it's not summer any more slooooooooooow down, come inside, put your feet up. It's still pretty outside and I'm still wearing flip flops so the turn of the calendar has to  be my cue.

"Wait, what does November Begins with No - even mean?" my hubby asked this morning in the face of my enthusiasm. "No to EVERYTHING!" I said, throwing out my hands out in glee. (He...

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9/26 NEWSLETTER: Fall asks for an Immersion into Truth. DIVE!

New Immersion Course with Epic Access starts Monday.
Plus the potent "Off the Hook" course is available for free during October.
I was down in the Bay Area this last week for my art reception* and was struck by the poetry of fall leaves stuck to the bottom of my summer flip flops. The season has changed.

We're just past the Equinox
and it's time to come inside.
Inside the house, inside ourselves.
And my questions for you as we head into the season are these: This year, will make "you time" non negotiable? Will you make space for intimate and reflective conversation with yourself?  Will you offer up the blank canvas or journal page to messy epiphanies and course changing a-has?  And will you harness the introspective focus of the season and DIVE instead of being swept under?

Our souls - Especially in Fall - Crave Depth.
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