You'll need paper, pen, a random magazine and under a half hour to play through this ridiculous five part game.

❶ A dingbat is a two- to three-story boxy apartment building with parking spaces directly under it.


  • Intuitively choose five images and arrange them into three stories plus a two part parking garage at the bottom.
  • Leave room on the page for notes!

❷ A dingbat is an eccentric or crazy person.


  • Intuitively choose five more images for your wacky weird character. Piece them together into a Frankenstein creation that is surprising and interesting.

❸ A dingbat is an ornamental typographical symbol, such as ✲, ❏, ☛, ♥.

And a break composed of dingbats is a dink.


  • Label the floors of your dingbat building in descending order as ✳︎ mental, ⁍ emotional, ✣ physical, and ❡ unconscious.
  • Intuitively label your dingbat eccentric with each part as well. (What part of the collage is mental, emotional etc?)
  • Use a combination of the building image and character image to create a message about each part of your life. (This should be stretchy and weird!)

❹ A dingbat is a gadget or an object whose name is unknown or forgotten. Aka, thingamajig, gizmo, etc. And it is also an ❺ object, such as a brick, used as a missile.


  • Do a blind pull (open to a random page without peeking) and trim out your forgotten dingbat.
  • Use your imagination and let your eccentric throw the object at a layer of the building. Glue the clipped dingbat object onto the building.

❻ A dingbat is an alcoholic drink.


  • Step into an altered state and let your dingbat eccentric tell you all about what it means to use that dingbat object to transform that area of your life! Prepare to be wowed.
  • Write the take away message where the dingbat hit the dingbat.
  • Share!