My mini muse is in SCHOOL and that means I have time to talk to you! I'm so excited.  Currently my available session times are Tuesday through Sunday at 10:30, 11:30 or 12:30 Pacific Time. If you are interested in a group series I will try to accommodate alternate times.

Things I love chatting about: your process through any of my Storywalking courses and the creative journey in general. I also get gaga designing curriculum, and once you get me going I know a surprising amount about a number of systems that are used to deliver courses online. (Specifically Camtasia video editing, Canva Graphic Design, Vimeo video hosting, Kajabi platform, and Mighty Networks for community.) I'm also remarkably perceptive at collage divination! 

So, tell me, what part of my brain would you like me to activate for our chat? And what specific project do you want to discuss? (Both big picture and what focus you want to prioritize for your first call.)

Choose a single session or a series or gather some friends and propose a group! (I'd love to lead groups on previous classes from the archives, and technology focuses like setting up Mighty Network or building a booklet in Canva or or or...)            

Booking Options



  • Receive a customized assignment to complete before the session.
  • 50 minute session with Jena.
  • Personalized follow up assignment to complete after your session.
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(Save $75)

  • Receive customized assignments to complete before and between each session.
  • Three 50 minute sessions with Jena.
  • Personalized follow up assignment to complete after your final session.
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$375 each

(Save $150 each)

  • Receive customized assignments for your requested topic.
  • Participate in three 50 minute sessions with Jena at a time that works for your group.
  • Plus a personalized follow up assignment to complete after your final session.
  • Includes one complimentary spot in groups of four or more (for the organizer or a friend!)

This option is for you and a group of your friends who would like coaching on the same topic. You pick!

Please have a point person contact me with your requested call schedule and topic in advance. Requires a minimum of three group members.

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