Call Honor Ask

$17.00 USD

A Painting Process for Communing with Kindred Spirits .:. I created this short painting course for communing with ki...

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Inner Monsters

$28.00 USD

An extra playful 4 week art journaling course focused on inner monsters, rants, rules & relationship reworks. &n...

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The Art & Magic of Astrology

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Sky Magic with Mary Swanson, Laura Tabet and Jenafer OwenTake an Inner Journey under the Changing Sky Meet with the ...

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Mystic Tune Up

$250.00 USD

Whatever your relationship with the Tarot, whether you’ve been using it daily for decades or never cracked a de...

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$225.00 USD

A 100 day Immersion in Intentional Creativity. Access over $1250 of Jenafer Joy courses plus weekly musings and daily...

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