BRAVE: Story Walking with Jenafer Joy

$75.00 USD

Regular price $147. Half off through February. If you've been considering participating in the 2019 INTUITION cour...

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The 2019 Jenafer Joy Course

5 monthly payments of $100.00 USD

Opens April 1st. Join Jenafer Joy for a online facilitated five month journey into your inner landscape. We'll be usi...

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Find Your True Priority 8 Part Art Journaling Course


Created in 2018, this course is a brilliant way to focus for the New Year! Register for free 3 week access or purchas...

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FEISTY - for you and a friend!

$125.00 USD

Bring a feisty guide onto your canvas and into conversation about exactly what's next for YOU. This painting process ...

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Mystic Tune Up

$250.00 USD

Whatever your relationship with the Tarot, whether you’ve been using it daily for decades or never cracked a de...

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The Art & Magic of Astrology

$274.00 USD

Sky Magic with Mary Swanson, Laura Tabet and Jenafer OwenTake an Inner Journey under the Changing Sky Meet with the ...

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Eight Nights One Answer.

$8.00 USD

DREAMY: Using your Dream Life as an Oracle In 2009 I did one of the most fulfilling experiments of my life: I starte...

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