The Art & Magic of Astrology

Sky Magic with Mary Swanson, Laura Tabet and Jenafer Owen
Take an Inner Journey under the Changing Sky

Meet with the mythic figures of your inner world and cultivate a deeper relationship to the characters that form the patterns of human experience.  Enjoy playful art prompts, meditations and making magic through ritual, art, and creative intention.

In astrology, each planet is alive and active in your psyche, enacting patterns in your day to day life. And each one has a particular way they wants to teach you magic! When we choose to consciously create and collaborate with these astrological myths and honor the active stories of the soul, our inner and outer life irrefutably change.

Register for access to the full Sky Magic course. For each week of the year you'll find a new lesson including Introductions to the Archetype with Mary Swanson, Art Journaling on the themes with Jenafer Joy, and Going Deeper Exploration and Meditation with Laura Tabet. Work through each archetype in step with the astrological year or engage in the lessons in your own timing! All audios, video, and handouts are available indefinitely.

  • Greet, honor, feed, and enliven the core archetypes of your soul.
  • Understand how the mythic patterns express through you.
  • Clear cultural and personal beliefs that are limiting you.
  • Identify where the magic lives in your life and in your astrology chart.
  • Connect to the true geniuses of your inner world!

Originally delivered live 2014-2015, this playful powerful exploration of astrology is a collaboration between Mary Swanson, Laura Tabet and Jenafer Owen. SkyMagic is about connection to the ever-turning Wheel of Life. Using the astrological archetypes that come alive at different times of the year, we're going to be moving some serious energy!

Starting with Venus, you will find lessons designed to do throughout the year with talks, meditations, art and suggestions for ritual and play. You can expect to spend about an hour per lesson listening, journaling or exploring if you want to keep up with the astrological year otherwise follow along at your own pace. Everything is optional. Trust your own inclinations. And let's make some MAGIC!

"Sky Magic is a well-balanced exploration of the mythical underpinnings of astrology. There is much to choose from here--guided meditations, art projects, altar-making, ritual and just good information. What is not to like? As a result, I am learning to be more comfortable being myself instead of what I think I am "supposed" to be. I look forward to each week and some delicious surprise!" - Marcia

"Off and on I have tried to learn about astrology, picking up a book here or there. But honestly, astrology has been befuddling and bewildering. Until now! The pace of the Sky Magic classes are perfect for both busy daily life and to allow sufficient time to savor, study, and really learn about each archetype. The weekly lessons and the structure break down astrology into meaningful components. Instead of having to grasp the entire picture, we can take little slices, understand them conceptually, and relate it to our own life, our own circumstances, growth & evolution. Each teacher's perspective is unique and is an individual invitation to explore each archetype in a rich, meaningful manner. I am so delighted to participate in this program!" Janine

"I was drawn to the SkyMagic experience to gain a deeper understanding of astrological archetypes of my tarot deck. In the way these things often play out, my life has had a curious synchronicity with each of the archetypes explored. Having the container of the course to offer meaning and symbolism to the unfolding, as well as to understand what has been and what will be, has been deeply supportive to me... I love the synergy of the three wise women teachers, Mary, Jena and Laura, with the art, ritual, astrology and archetypal genius of each of them bringing the themes of the astrological archetypes to my different learning areas. It is working for me! I would love for more of my friends and community to be taking this course with me, so I can geek out on archetypes, astrology, images (and tarot) with them. I'm so grateful for Sky Magic." Heidi

"I appreciate the framework Sky Magic's archetypes provide for delving in to different aspects of being human, both in a general sense and as one particular individual. At the end of each month long journey of meditation, art, and sharing, I feel like I have glimpsed some hidden or forgotten truth." Kimberly