Oh! I'd love to have you join me for this gentle painting journey on a big canvas. When I was dreaming up this class the word that showed up loudly was touchstone. For me that word conjured an imaginary stone you could touch and it would bring you comfort. Something magical that you could hold in your hand and it would bring you into balance.

For this series we’re going to be working with the intention of deepening in.
Rooting into the inner bedrock so that we can make better, clearer choices in the external world.

We'll start by playing with elemental ways to paint. Being in our bodies as we gently build up form. Jumping and flitting and moving quickly. Getting out of the way, getting loose and letting the paint paint itself. Surrendering to layers and letting everything change. And then we'll use a simple seated form - reminiscent of those calming buddha statues - as a muse. We'll "fire em up" with an anger that's alive and kicking in your real life and then coax new information out the other side.

Like all my courses, the prompts are quick, playful and an invitation for you to jump right into your own flow. If you've been feeling stuck on a different painting and need a slipstream of inspiration, this would be great. If you've never painted on a big canvas - this is gentle exciting way to engage in a new adventure. If you are wanting to prod at a sore place in your psyche and reconnect to the touchstone of your own information, please step in.

This series includes 18 prompts. Follow the original rhythm of  three each week over the course of 6 weeks or choose your own pace.

“Hi Jenafer, Just a quick hello to let you know that I looooooved your class.. I love the short videos. I love how light it is and yet reveals deep stuff. I love that you have 2 models... I challenged myself by doing the non conventional one. The anger I was in touch with was all directed at myself. It was upsetting but so great to see and acknowledge. I see that my lady is pretty calm in the midst of the anger and its revelations. She definitely helped me move through these last steps. I feel her peace. She is showing me groundedness and peace through the storm. Thank you for this great class and the inspiration. The end product is one of my family's favorite painting! It is called Ascension.” Evelyne

 SUPPLY LIST At a minimum you’ll need a canvas, preferably a big one. A short rainbow of acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue, brown, white & black plus the golden color Nickel Azo Gold.) You’ll need a big, a medium and a small round brush. You'll also need an easel/table/wall, a charcoal stick, some paper towels and a spray bottle. If you don’t own any supplies this will run you about $175. I've listed all my recommendations on the online store Dick Blick HERE but if you can, support your local art store.

“This was a wonderful experience. I loved watching over your shoulder, I love your painting style. The prompts in the video with your process were wonderful. I did experiment on my own - because you know I can never really follow instructions - and I really really loved having the two different examples it acted as... permission, if that makes any sense, and freed me up. I like the musical almost meditative painting experience of painting along with you. ” Rebecca

Would you like a peek? Click the play button on the video at the top to watch the one of the steps...





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