True Story Self Portrait

I created this course because what I've noticed is that we have the epiphany, the a-ha, the "I'm a completely different person" moment and then...we return to life. And it takes extra stitching to make sure that shift in the bedrock of you stays shifted! Luckily art is a powerful way to integrate, document and record change.

In this series we will explore a whimsical self portrait process while you clarify and claim the details of your new true self and move forward in a new story powerfully.

Explore the changes you are making emotionally, physically, environmentally. Claim your present tense purpose. Open up to new insights and step into a new chapter.

This process starts with a selfie (printed in black and white on plain paper), a 9x12 inch canvas, add waterproof marker (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Brush Nib in Black or Sharpie), charcoal or pencil, acrylic paint (red yellow blue white and black), plus pen & journal.

Viola, integrated epiphany! Purchase for immediate & indefinite access to the full series.


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