Oxygen Mask

A 13 prompt art intervention. Stop, Drop & Roll out the Art Supplies!

Register for access to all thirteen video prompts. Each video is a new invitation – an invitation to show up for yourself and use creative practices like collage, painting, writing and doodling to restart the heart of your life. Set aside 15 minutes a day and follow along or work through them at your own pace. You will find the instruction videos to be quick – most of them are between 2 and 4 minutes- so that you can get to your own deep explorations. Fast or Slow. Solo or Tandem. Choose the option that feels like catching your breath! No experience is necessary. Show up as you are.

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Just writing you to say I enjoyed Oxygen Mask very much. I enjoyed it so much, that I just could not stop. I went through all the assignments in 2 days. I loved the one line drawings, the flip and go collage (I did have a hard time writing over it, but finally I did 😉), creating the character, writing the Haiku's and painting over the photo (I couldn't print, so I choose a face from a magazine and used that).  Thank you for creating this course,  Wandana



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