Siren Song of Self Care

Get ready to make some art and let it show you the way. This is a sweet but deep dive into what it looks like to be kind to ourselves, cut out the critical self talk and get in the flow. You'll be exploring the difference between where you've been and where you could go if we employed YOUR kind of magic. Plus yay mermaid tails.

If you've taken a course with me before, the format will be familiar. We'll be collaging, doodling and diving and using all my favorite tricks to support you in really noticing what siren song is calling you forward.

Some details:

  • Since this is a quick journey so we won't be fussing with a Facebook group. That said, I'd LOVE for you to share your process on Facebook and tag me so I can see. Or email me private peeks.
  • There's absolutely no rush. There are eight prompts for you to fly through or savor. You'll have indefinite access to all the videos.
  • The supply list is my regular one for all my art journaling courses: HERE
  •  Want a peek? Check out one of the eight prompts by clicking play above.

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