Heart's Desire

An exploration into your honest desires.
Create a juicy portrait using paint, watercolor pencil, and collage...

Open up to the advice of a spunky muse with tons of chutzpah and discover what it is that you really really want! This series is a departure from other inspired inquiries in that we are working on a single page of our journals in 8 layers. We'll be writing, painting, collaging and most importantly, listening.

This is perfect for you if

  • You're feeling the shifting sands of priorities and want to get access to your own truth.
  • You have something that you're yearning for but need new information to shake things up. OR
  • You are in the mood to play with paint or collage. (This is a great way to start painting faces!)

Want to peek first? Prompt 1 is above. Just click play to view!

Supply list is the same as the general suggested supplies (HERE).


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